How to get along with other Inmates in Prison or County jail

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Prison is one of the most violent places on the planet. Despite being watched by law enforcement personnel non-stop, prison inmates still manage to make improvised deadly weapons and injure or even kill someone. Dangerous gangs run the prison’s general population and not a day goes by when fights don’t break out.

The first question that comes into a neophyte inmate’s mind is how to get along with other inmates in prison or county jail? How to co-exist with people who are mostly prone to violence and sudden outburst of rage is something every neophyte inmate should learn in order to survive. People who don’t know much about prison life think that this is impossible; that once you’re tossed in with these degenerates of society, you’re dead. They couldn’t be more wrong.

How to get along with other inmates in prison or county jail is easy. All you have to do is follow these important points religiously:

•Be Respectful – We all know how violent and deadly prison can get. Prisoners who steps inside prison get their freedom stripped away from them. Tasks such as brushing your teeth, pissing, taking a bath, drinking, and even eating are made momentous. This puts every inmate on edge, especially the violent ones. They tend to blow their top off with the slightest hint of disrespect from another inmate. An inmate disrespecting another inmate causes most prison riots. This is why maintaining a high level of respect at all times is crucial to your survival. However, being too respectful to the point that you’re being extremely submissive may also give inmates the wrong idea. They may think that you’re a pushover; a bitch who can satisfy their sexual needs inside prison. Believe us when we tell you that you don’t want inmates to think that you’re a pushover. Give them the respect they deserve, but don’t let them push you around as well. Try to keep a balance between respecting them and respecting yourself and not letting anybody do you harm.

•Don’t Snitch – Snitching is another word for telling on another inmate with the prison guards or a rival inmate. This is one of the worst things a person can do inside prison. A person who snitches on another inmate either has a death wish or is mentally unstable. This is one thing that you just don’t do while inside prison. For inmates, being watched closely by the guards is bad enough. Imagine how pissed they would be if they find out that one of their fellow inmate is also watching them and at the same time telling on them with the guards. Learn to keep your mouth shut if you want to survive. Snitching is one of those things where even being suspected of it means death. If someone suspects you of being a snitch, then you better get yourself under protective custody quickly. Inmates will come after you just on suspicion alone. Keep in mind that in prison, you’re presumed guilty until proven innocent. The sad thing about it is nobody in prison is willing to stick their neck out to help you prove that you’re not a snitch. Therefore, it would be in your best interest not to move like a snitch, talk like a snitch, smell like a snitch and even sleep like a snitch. Don’t get to comfy with the prison guards. Inmates may think that you’re telling on them. Everybody has a price in prison. Even your trusted cellmate can be bought to slit your throat in your sleep.

•Learn your boundaries – Prison is all about boundaries. Prison politics suggest that no race or group can put their hands on another race or group. This is being strictly enforced by the gangs that pretty much run the prison. There exists an invisible border inside prison. Each gang has their own area where they eat, take a bath, hang out, work out, etc. If you don’t want to get beat up, do not cross these invisible lines. It would be seen as an act of aggression and would certainly result to a riot. Taking somebody else’s space in can be seen as an act of aggression. If you think you’re tough and you can take a beating, wait until a group of inmates belonging to a gang beats you up while you’re taking a leak. They may even poison your food. That’s if you’re lucky. If not they’ll go as far as kill you and your loved ones. Remember than some of toughest gang bosses are in there with you. These gang bosses are so powerful they can call hits on anybody inside and outside of the prison walls. Do not, under any circumstances, mess with these guys.

•Do not Gamble – Gambling is often the root of many conflicts inside prison. Gambling involves money. And just like in the outside world, many people covet it. In a place where money is pretty limited, such as prison, ridding someone of it through winning a game may earn you the ire of the wrong person. It’s just a no-win situation for you. Win and you may piss someone off. Lose and you incur a debt so high you’re not able to pay it. And we all know what happens to inmates who cannot pay their debt in prison; a full blown riot. So in order for you to avoid the headache, just don’t gamble. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt for you to learn some card games in case some of the inmates just want to have a nice, friendly game.

Prison life is extremely hard. However, it is not impossible to survive prison. Learn the ropes and learn them fast. Don’t associate with troublesome prisoners and always keep a high level of respect. Do these things and you’ll surely get along with most of the inmates. That’s basically how to get along with other inmates in prison or county jail.

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