How to Survive 2 weeks (14 days) in Jail? What to expect?

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Surviving 2 weeks in jail is not that different from surviving jail for 24 hours. However, some people believe that the more time you spend in jail, the higher your chances of being harassed or assaulted by an inmate. This is true to a certain extent, but if you follow the points discussed below, you’ll definitely get out of jail without a scratch.

•Do not disrespect the arresting officers – Law enforcement officers pretty much control everything that goes on inside the county jail. They have the power to make your stay unpleasant or trouble-free. It all depends on your attitude. If you follow their every instruction and show them respect, they’ll make sure that you finish your jail time without any incidents.

•Do not fight with fellow inmates – Fighting with fellow inmates can lead to serious injuries both to you and other inmates. Nobody wants to spend time in jail more than they have to. Do not do something that will worsen your case and increase your jail time. Your main objective is to do your time, survive and get out.

•Do not become the easy target – No matter how hard you try to avoid it, conflicts will arise in jail. Some inmates are just so crazy that they’ll pick a fight with you for no apparent reason. If a dispute does arise and you cannot avoid it, make sure you don’t back down and strike first. Prison is all about showing strength and keeping a strong reputation. Backing down from a confrontation will only make you look weak to the other inmates. You do not want the other inmates to think that you are weak or a pushover. You must show them that you’re capable of fighting back so that they’ll think twice about bullying you next time around.

•Do not associate with a troublesome inmate – Associating with an inmate who instigates trouble inside the jail is something that you want to avoid doing. Remember, your main objective is to survive without any incidents. Associating with a troublesome prisoner will often drag you into a problem that you didn’t even start. Avoid these kinds of inmates at all cost.

•Do not trust anybody right away – One of the first things that you need to do once you get inside is to learn the lay of the land. Make it your top priority to find out who’s who and assess each inmate that you encounter, whether they can be trusted or not. Do not be quick to accept a helping hand from another inmate. Accepting favors from other inmates automatically makes you their “bitch.” Remember, nothing in jail is free. Accepting a helping hand from someone now will be used as ammunition against you later on. If you fail to reciprocate that favor given to you at some point, you will be in for a lot of hurt.

•Do not tell on another inmate – Telling on another inmate, or snitching, is one of the worst things you can do in prison. Snitching on an inmate, either to a jail guard or to another inmate, is the fastest way of getting yourself killed. If you see someone doing something illegal, act as if you didn’t see anything. Do not, under any circumstances, talk about what you saw with another inmate or guard.

•Do not hesitate to ask for help – Jail guards are always there to keep everything in order. They also make sure that inmates don’t kill each other while serving their time. If you find yourself being constantly harassed by other inmates, don’t hesitate to shout and ask for help from the guards. If your cellmate is becoming abusive, request for a cell transfer immediately. By law, they should grant your request if you feel that your life is being threatened.

•Always keep in contact with a loved one – Knowing that you have a loved one waiting for you when you get out makes you more focused on your main goal – to get out of jail without any trouble. They can offer you the emotional support that you need to survive in jail. Make sure to commit your loved ones’ number to memory so that you may call them anytime for support.

•Do not discuss details of your case – Some inmates, ironic as it may sound, hate certain types of crimes, specifically sexual related crimes. If they get a whim that you’re in jail due to a sexually related offense, may it be with a woman of legal age or not, they will beat you to a pulp, kill you if you sexually abused a child. For your own safety, do not discuss details of your case, especially if it is a sexual crime. If inmates start asking you questions about your case, try your best to parry the question or make up a bogus one just to finish the conversation.

•Pass the time productively – If there’s something jail has a lot of, it’s time. In fact, jail has plenty of time that a typical inmate would feel time is moving slowly. Since time is something most inmates have a lot of in jail, wasting it would be a very foolish move. Try to make each day inside jail as productive as can be. Set up a routine of waking up early and spending the day working out, doing prison jobs, taking up a degree through the prison education system, etc. Keep yourself busy and at the same time improving yourself as a person. Many inmates make the mistake of wasting the day by sleeping or watching TV. They slack of most of the time and learn nothing during their incarceration. They then end up as inadequate members of society just like when they first entered jail.

•Keep the faith – Just because you committed a sin and ended up in jail, doesn’t mean the good Lord will not listen to your prayers anymore. Whatever your religion may be, make it a point to spend a time of day for prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation would surely bring your the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Following the points indicated above will surely improve your ability to survive in jail. Now you know how to survive 2 weeks (14 days) in jail.

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