How to survive 30 days (1 month) in jail? What to expect?

By | January 1, 2016
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How to survive 30 days (1 month) in jail? Surviving prison depends on your attitude toward your inmates and yourself. Being in prison for the first time is a frightening experience for anybody, no matter who you are — whether you are a famous artist, politician, or even a CEO.

Prison life is scary at times but as you get used to the culture of the place you’ll adapt to it right away. Like anywhere else, there are certain roles that you have to play in prison. You are not expected to be extremely courteous to everyone, but if it’s your first time to be incarcerated, you might as well keep a check on your temper. Getting jailed may be embarrassing and you do not know what harrowing things could happen to you. However, you need not be scared as long as you know how to deal with the people there.

Respect the staff and the warden. Follow the rules and regulations in prison. They would require you to attend a particular activity, or follow a schedule. Things would be easier for you if they see that you regard them with courtesy. Officers would tell you to wake up early, and to sleep at a certain time as well. There are chores to do. Simply work on your tasks and you won’t get in trouble.

Respect your fellow inmates, too. Some of them could be arrogant and demand loyalty. They may even bully new inmates. But don’t worry because if your wardens know you aren’t the troublesome kind, they will be on your side. It would be wise to stay away from inmates — even wardens — who give you the creeps. Increase your instinct toward danger. Remember, you will be sleeping from now on beside thieves, rapists, murderers, and few innocent men. Don’t trust anyone easily. Always be on your guard. Some of these people want to earn notoriety; some of them could steal your supplies. Everybody in prison is aiming to survive, and if you’re not on the lookout, they could easily outwit you.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot have friends in prison. There are decent ones who would be willing to take you as their buddy. Find an inmate who shares the same interests with you. More importantly, find someone who would be willing to listen in times when you feel the need for catharsis.

If you are not used to being in line, you have to be used to it now. Ask permission when borrowing someone’s personal belonging. When they are sharing their own experiences, listen to them. Don’t share your own opinion if they don’t ask you. Your fellow inmates will also do the same to you if you extend courtesy to them. Prison is not like a club for friends. You have to wise up and be alert all the time.

Avoid joining gangs. Being one of their new members will not entitle you to a safe life in prison. Selling drugs are prominent among some gang leaders because these are the basis of spreading their power all throughout the prison, thus increasing the number of their newly initiated members. Based on studies, inmates who usually join these drug-related activities are highly possible of being murdered in the long run. The worst part is if you got caught, solitary punishment will await you. Smuggling drugs will prolong your stay in prison for five additional years.

Having money in prison will give you access to your necessities and some goods. Don’t gamble as this could increase your chances of having a debt. Instead, use your money to pay for stationery (so you could communicate to your family; phones may not be allowed). Or, you could buy food or medicine from the resident store.

Solitary confinement always results to mental and physical torture. Keep away from doing things that could send you to this kind of punishment. Direct your attention to developing your skills. Read books, write in a journal, play sports, or work on crafts. In prison, a month could feel like forever — but the good new is that at least you could be busy with something.

You could also use this period to meditate and know yourself more. Develop your spirituality, or in colloquial parlance, deal with your demons in prison. This way, adjusting to the world out there would be easier.

Staying in jail for one month is a short period of time compared to a lifetime imprisonment. Be thankful. Depression may knock you down at times but be brave. The only thing that could help you fight it is maintaining your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Prison foods are high in calories and mostly bland. Avoid complaining about the food. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your body and to flush out unwanted toxins. Exercise is the best way to condition you. Aside from that, it will make your time go much faster.

Make yourself busy as much as possible. Participate in basketball, walking, dance, and arts and crafts. They will release your fear and enhance your social skills as well.

Books are a good distraction. Try to read a lot of books to empower your mind. A brain that is knowledgeable will help you deal with difficult circumstances. Other inmates might get curious and ask you to share what you have read.

The hardest to deal with is your depression. Prisons are crowded, full of disappointment as well as boredom. Make few friends to help you be encouraged.

Being involved in homosexual sex will increase your chances of having sexually transmitted diseases. Gangs have zero tolerance for homosexuals. So, control yourself.

The greatest thing that you should do how to survive 30 days (1 month) in jail is talk to your God. It would calm your spirit and strengthen yourself more. Some inmates got a chance to know God more and were able to appreciate their selves more.

Society tends to stereotype inmates. People assume that they are all untrustworthy with violent tendencies. Don’t lose heart. Failures are part of being human. Conquer your past self. The past is forgotten. Today is what matters. It doesn’t matter that you are in jail; what matters is you can stand up again after this challenging phase in your life.

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