How to Survive a Full Blown Riot in the Recreational Yard?

When you are with a group of criminals with different criminal records, expect that there will be some riots along the way. You have to assume that at some point some things may come a little out of hand. There are so many things that can cause a riot in recreational yards. One of them is racial tensions or tension between groups of inmates. Overcrowding can also trigger a full-blown riot. A riot is a combined act of disturbance by a group or gang of inmates towards the prison guards or to their fellow inmates.

One particular question that is constantly being raised by people who will be entering prison for the first time is how to survive a full blown riot in the recreational yard. Riots have the tendency to erupt anytime and anywhere in prison and most of them start from what most inmates consider as being disrespectful against a gang or a racial group. The grievances of the inmates because of the unstable system inside the prison can also result to an all-out riot.

Prison riots are extremely dangerous. Prisoners usually use improvised knives to try to kill whoever it is they consider as their rivals. Riots are, in most cases, planned.

A typical scenario for a riot would be one group of inmates attacking another group of inmates. In some cases, the group of inmates getting attacked already knows that the attack is coming. There are also times when they have no clue and are completely caught off guard. The most dangerous part of a riot is when an inmate tries to take a hostage and starts a fire. This is unavoidable, so always remember to protect yourself.

There’s politics involved when it comes to prison recreational yards. It dictates that a racial group is not permitted to put their hands on another racial group. In high security prisons, this law is stringently enforced. Keep this rule in mind all the time. Violating it will be considered as disrespectful and will surely result into a full blown riot.

Drugs are also one of the causes of riots in recreational yards. Drugs are forms of currency in prison. If you owe somebody money in prison, pay him as soon as possible. Some prison riots start because of unpaid drug debts between rival racial groups. If an individual falls short on his drug debt obligations to another race, all hell will definitely break loose. The “disrespected” person will take out the one who owes him. Once this happens, it’s an all out war between the members of the races involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a member of that specific racial gang. You will be assaulted based on your skin color.

It is during these racial riots that you’re left with no choice but to defend yourself. In defending yourself, you can either incapacitate him by applying a choke hold or take him out completely by breaking his neck (assuming you’re good at hand-to-hand combat and was able to rid the assailant of his weapon and apply a choke hold). Therefore, being in tip-top shape is a requirement on how to survive a full blown riot in the recreational yard. You must be strong enough to fight back or die.

Being exceptionally fit gives you the ability to overpower your opponent if he is less fit than you. This could mean the difference between surviving a riot and ending up in the infirmary with multiple stab wounds to the body. Riots are usually resolved by figures of authority within the concerned races. These people are considered leaders of their racial groups and are regarded with utmost respect. Once the decision is made that the war is over, there is a definite relaxing of nerves and muscles among the inmates.

Another way of surviving a full-blown riot in recreational yard is to befriend the tough guys in prison. Befriending the smartest and toughest person makes you untouchable to other inmates. Also, if you associate yourself with these kinds of people in prison, it will make you look like you are one of them. You will have the reputation of being a tough guy yourself. So, learn to get along with the most respected person in jail.

Finally, the best way to survive a full-blown riot is to make yourself busy all the time. You can be busy by applying jobs within the prison. There are plenty of jobs within the prison that will fit your skill. Getting a job will not only give you an extra money, but will also take you away from any form of trouble.

Also, getting a job will prepare you in the outside world and will hone your skill which can be of great help when you need it. Additionally, you can also contribute to the bills in your home even when you are at the prison. You can give your extra money to your family. That way, you are not only helping them but you are also saving yourself the trouble to get involve in a full blown riot in the recreational yard.

Life within the prison could be a lot tougher compared to the life outside the prison. Inmates should have a strong disposition and a lot of ways to protect themselves from any form of destruction. You cannot simply stay away from a riot because once you are in the prison there is no way that you will not get involved in such. When you are in the middle of a riot, try to stay focus on how you can protect yourself. Do not underestimate your opponent. Everyone is an enemy, you can only depend on yourself.
Surviving prison riots isn’t all that hard. As long as you don’t owe anybody money, you don’t break the recreational yard barriers by crossing into prohibited territories and if you’re physically adept in defending yourself against an assault, you should be fine. So that’s basically how to survive a full blown prison riot in the recreational yard.

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