How to Survive a One on One Fight or Confrontation in Prison or Jail?

You are in prison and was trying to keep a low profile. Everything was going smooth and relatively peaceful until this one incident happened and you are forced into a fight or confrontation. Yes, there are times when you just come face to face with a troublesome person. So the question now is how to survive a one on one fight or confrontation in prison or jail?

If you want to know how to survive a one on one fight or confrontation in prison or jail, then make sure to remember these tips:

First, try to diffuse the problem. Apologize or try to talk it out alone with the person to understand what the problem is. This person may be rational and levelheaded enough to negotiate and talk with civility with you. You may have done something to offend him in the first place. Don’t act without knowing the complete details. Don’t shout or throw insults and never be the first one to start violence. Fighting will be your last resort. Keep cool even if he insults and goads you into retaliating.

If you’re feeling agitated, keep in mind that no one gets away unscathed from a fight. Even if you manage to beat the other person into a pulp, you’ll have to face all sorts of repercussions – becoming the target of his friends and being handed additional charges are just a few examples. Still, thinking about these possibilities should be enough to discourage you from turning violent. If they aren’t though, just consider the other side of the coin – what if you end up really hurt, or even dead? Remember that there are people waiting for you outside.

Here’s the second tip you’ll have to keep in mind – maintain a safe distance from your attacker and his possible allies. He can’t punch you if he isn’t close enough to do it. Move back but never turn your back to him. He will most probably backstab you if you do this. If he keeps on advancing, tell him to move back. Say “stop” in a loud voice. This will tell him and everyone else that you don’t want any trouble. Keep an eye on his face, hands and feet. You must be prepared for whatever action he will take.

Third, be mindful of your surroundings. Be aware of any obstacles like chairs or tables. Be prepared to grab something to use as a weapon or shield. You must also keep an eye on possible buddies of your attacker. You don’t want to be ganged up on. You need to use all of your senses to keep yourself safe. Trust your instincts.

Also, if it seems that there’s nothing useful around you, remember that your body is actually hiding all kinds of weapons. Shouting for example, could be used to disorient someone – you’ll just have to do it at the right moment, and in the right position (which is while being very close to the ear). Your teeth could prove to be quite dangerous as well. After all, you could use it to rip the flesh off someone. Biting should only be your last resort however, given that you could get blood-borne diseases from doing it.

Fourth, escape if possible. You can also call for your own reinforcements. While talking with your attacker, you should already have possible escape routes in mind. Walk away if possible. Avoiding fights and confrontations is your best defense. Hope that this attacker will cool down or has been dealt with and learned his lesson by the next time you two cross paths again. If someone else is having a fight, move away quickly as much as possible. You are keeping a low profile. You don’t want anyone to think that you welcome fights. Be neutral and assess the situation.

It pays to be proactive when it comes to picking escape routes. In other words, you may want to make a mental note of the possible pathways whenever you find yourself walking in certain areas of the prison or jail. You wouldn’t want to end up running into a dead end, initially thinking that you’ve outsmarted your attackers.

Last but not the least is to keep your mind and body strong. You don’t want to freeze up and show your attacker that you are afraid of him. Be alert and prepared to fight your attacker if need be. It will be good if you keep your body fit and healthy by exercising and eating properly daily. Having a good mind and body is a great foundation for survival. It helps if you adapt and react effectively to many situations.

As you aim to improve your physique (or stay in shape) while behind bars, don’t assume that you’ll find weights and other similar gym equipment there. In most cases, the incarcerated have to rely on bodyweight exercises – workout routines that mainly make use of the body’s own weight for the purpose of adding intensity to motions. Of course, you’ll have to study these before you’re sent away, even if there’s a chance that there are some educational resources in the correctional facility.

As for keeping yourself strong through dietary means, you won’t have much choice in your meals – whether in terms of flavor, quantity, or nutrition. In some prisons, inmates are only given food twice a day and the amount may not enough be enough for a child. So, what should you do? The only way to prepare for the unknown, at least in this case, is to prepare your body before entering prison or jail. Eat up and maintain a healthy diet until the day comes. If the facility you’re sent to does offer snacks though, it won’t hurt to take advantage of such an option from time to time.

Remember that the best way on how to survive a one on one fight or confrontation in prison or jail is to never be involved in one in the first place. Don’t challenge anyone and make enemies. It will make your prison stay extra busy, in a bad way.

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