How to Survive Chow Time in Prison or County Jail?

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Eating the right food and the right diet should not be difficult for any individual. Getting the best foods and eating tasty meals should be easy because it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sadly, inmates do not experience, or even have the privilege to this kind of pleasure. One of the difficulties of being a prisoner is food deprivation. Prisoners are stuck with eating different kinds of foods but with just the same taste every day. In worst cases, prisoners even get rotten and moldy food, which is very inhuman.

Prisons always have a negative reputation when it comes to the foods they serve. Ask any ex-con how they find prison food and they’ll most likely tell you that it’s absolutely repugnant. If you’re about to go to prison and you want to know how to survive chow time in prison or county jail, you may want to keep the things we will be sharing with you in this article in mind. Chow time is another word for meal time in prison. For most of us here in the outside world, chow usually refers to the food given to barnyard animals. It is because of this definition why prisoners refer to prison meal time as “chow time”.

Prisoners liken prison food to barnyard animal food because of its revolting characteristics. During breakfast, you’ll usually be served with a mystery meat topped with some sort of gravy. This “gravy” is made from grease from leftover meals, some sort of gravy substitute, butter, water and a mystery meat. On other occasions, you’ll get stale pancakes with a small amount of syrup, or some sort of inedible fried meat that’s almost similar to ham.

During prison chow time, you’ll almost never get any kind of vegetable or fruit. On extremely rare occasions, you’ll be served with scrambled eggs that are still fresh from the carton for breakfast, while lunch and dinner will usually be composed of Chili Spanish rice coupled with four slices of bread and butter just to make sure that inmates get the required number of calories per serving. Delicious as these meals may sound, the ingredients used to make them were rarely fresh and were extremely stale that even homeless people will throw them away. The portions served are always inadequate and there’s absolutely no likeness to any healthy food whatsoever.

The same awful taste is served every day. This is the main reason why most inmates are malnourished, angry and constantly hungry. One way for you to survive this atrocious act committed by the prison system is to ask money from your visiting relatives so that you can purchase food from the prison general store. In prison, they call the prison general store as commissary. Commissaries offer food items that are usually found in gas station convenience stores. You can purchase items such as Candy bars, potato chips, and instant ramen soups; all of which are more delectable options than chow time food.

Since the prison served the same food every day, you can also make a variety of foods using the available ingredients that you can buy from the commissaries. For example, you can make a sweet and sour pork with only a ramen, a meat long, a pork rind, and a cherry Kool-Aid, which gives the sweet flavor. You can buy all these ingredients in the commissaries, so you do not have to worry eating the same food every day.

You can also spice up “horrible” and “disgusting” prison food. For example, you can make another sweet and sour flavor by mixing a jelly and a catchup and put it in a rice or you can even add a pineapple in it. All these foods are available in the commissaries, and you can do so much with all those foods.

You will also survive chow time in prison by asking healthy and delicious foods from your relatives. You can ask them to visit you more often and bring you foods that you prefer or that you haven’t eaten for a long time. For instance, you can ask them to visit you every week and let them bring you different foods for every visit. You can request some vegetables and fruits, which are rarely served in prison during chow time. That way, you will get healthy and delicious foods rather than suffer from some mystery meat.

Here’s another great tip on how to survive chow time in prison or county jail: Get a job within the prison. Getting a prison job allows you to make extra money on the side for your weekly food purchases. To stay on the healthy side, learn to look at the nutritional facts that are printed on each food packet so that you’ll know which ones are healthy and which aren’t. Now that you have access to much more nutritional food, all you need to do is learn which diet works best for you and pair it with a gym workout routine. Rest assured that by the time you get out of jail, you’ll be as fit and disciplined more than ever. That’s basically how to survive chow time in prison or county jail.

Life in prison is quite tough, but in order for you to survive prison life, you need to take some actions and alternatives to acquire your food preferences. Do not be like some inmates who resort to destruction and riot just to show their complaint and grievances. Situations during chow time in prison can be hard. So, you need to be harder and tougher to survive chow time in prison or county jail.

In conclusion, you may be criminals but you also deserve the right to eat healthy and delicious foods. You do not deserve some mystery food, which even animals could not take. Even if you are criminals, you do not deserve to eat rotten, spoiled, and moldy foods. You deserve to at least eat a decent meal. Do not deprive yourself the right to a healthy and sustainable meals. Do something to survive and make use of the alternative that best suit your preference.

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