How To Survive Federal Prison Camp By Clive Sharp EBook PDF Review

How To Survive Federal Prison Camp By Clive Sharp book coverThere are many books about how to do things, how to cook, how to build, how to bake, and such but a book that teaches you how to survive being a prisoner is not such a popular choice that can be lumped with cookbooks and do-it-yourself books (even though you really have to do it yourself given that you go to prison alone and it’s up to you if you go through it alone or earn a friend while you’re there. After all, as US President George Washington once said, “It is at all times more easy to make enemies than friends”).

In recipe books, authors put a list of ingredients needed for the meal you are going to make and then indicate how much of each ingredient you need for the recipe. Then, they list the instructions step-by-step. But in real life, there isn’t a recipe on how to survive hard times.

Good thing, though, that there is one book that can help you cope with life behind bars. Sure, it has no exact measurement of how much faith you need, how much courage, or how much trust you can give but it can help you in going through tough times while in prison.

The writer of the book, Clive Sharp was a student who focused and specialized on the American federal prison camp system. He knows the ins and outs of the prison camps like the back of his hand. He witnessed first-hand what the prisoners go through every day for the rest of their prison sentence, which makes him a really good fit for the role as a life coach for when you do your time.

The book How to Survive Federal Prison Camp by Clive Sharp was well-written and helpful to those who are serving time in the cells presently. It is also for those who will go to prison in the future, may it be for a short term or a long-term basis. It teaches the reader how to cope with guilt while inside the camp. It also teaches the prisoners tips on how to accept emotionally what they are going through or what they are about to go through. It also comes with advice on how to socialize with people inside the prison and it’s not just about prison mates but as well as officers and other personnel in charge — after all you need to live with them for a while or so.

The suggestions in the book are clear, suitable, and realistic for life behind bars. It is unlike any other book that gives the readers an unrealistic view of life inside federal prisons, gives them false views, and thus creates an imaginary world for them and results in culture shock and emotional problems for the individual. It is a step-by-step guide to everyday living while inside a cell that doubles as a forest with animals that are wild and untamed, so doing the right things and being the right person will literally save not just a life, but also your life for that matter.

We all know life inside the prison isn’t easy and so proper guidance can save a life of a prisoner. The book gave directions and advice on how to keep up with the environment you are in, how you can fit in, make friends, avoid enemies, avoid emotional difficulties, and fulfill your objective of serving time and keeping yourself safe and sane while you’re at it; after all, a mental institution isn’t far from a prison cell and emotional or psychological problems can possibly put you there. But the number one goal is to pay for your sins and think about everything you have done. It’s just like a time-out for kids but this one is in real life and with real consequences that can wound you forever or worse, kill you if you aren’t careful enough. We can always take precautions but as they say, danger can strike anywhere and anytime, especially in a place like prison where there are many predators. And if you can’t do the right things or be the right person, you can become their prey in just seconds.

How to Survive Federal Prison Camp by Clive Sharp is basically a survival handbook for before and during prison time. It teaches you how to accept the fact that you have done wrong to someone and the only way to pay back is to serve time and to right all the wrongs that you have done. The book teaches us that emotional survival is just as important as physically surviving life inside prison. It just goes to show that it is indeed true that our biggest enemy is our self. If we can’t keep up with emotions involved in feeling guilty about a crime, then you won’t survive prison life or you won’t come out or even finish your time alive.

Generally, the book contains different aspects of life inside prison. It includes emotional, spiritual, social, behavioral, and physical advice:

Emotional – It helps through making the prisoner feel that he is not alone and that life inside prison isn’t the end of everything.

Spiritual – It helps through reflecting in one’s own action.

Social – The book will teach you on how to deal with prison mates, prison guards, and even prison counselors.

Behavioral – The book provides situations and consequences of actions you might take in case you are caught in a sticky situation.

Physically – The book will strongly advice taking care of yourself and your health.

No one wants to go to prison but just like Newton’s law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This reminds us that before we do something, we must first think of the results it would bring, the consequences we must face, and the situations we can be in. So before we do things we must first think about it not just once or twice, but more times than that. We must also remember that a clear conscience is better than being free physically but haunted mentally because of our mistakes.

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