How to Survive in a California Department of Correction Facility

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Do you wish to know how to survive in a California Department of Correction facility? Well, it may be argued that the best way to survive is by getting a job.

Staying inside the jail and doing nothing is, admit it, not very productive at all. This gives you a lot of time to think of the things you are missing out on. It pulls you into depression and the feeling of being unwanted and useless. So, be proactive and do things that will help you make the days towards freedom go by faster.

There are many ways to make the days shorter like exercising, reading, playing sports, or working. Working is probably the best option to reduce prison idleness because it is exercise, learning, and earning rolled into one. Examples of traditional industries that prisoners are often involved in are garments and furniture making. They are often paid minimum wage but these days, a lot of unions has pushed for better working conditions, benefits, and wage that are comparable to the average daily working wage of people in the free world.

Getting a job while in prison is a good way to survive boredom and depression. Among the benefits of working while incarcerated is the self-worth and respect you get out of the experience.

The added responsibility gives you a boost of confidence that you are giving something back to society even if you are in prison. Their experience also helps them build core values, like being able to maintain their employment for a longer period of time. Also, it has been reported that those who held jobs while in prison had lower relapse rates (in the context of criminal behavior).

Since you want to know how to survive in a California Department of Correction facility, you’ll find this piece of information useful – if you are seen as a responsible, reliable, hardworking, and honest prisoner, your sentence might be reduced and your chances of getting a parole will be improved.

The jobs can also be used in your resume as reference for when you apply in the real world. Additionally, the soft and hard skills, no matter how simple these are, help you integrate to society faster once you have served your sentence.

Since there is little to no spending needed while in jail, the money you earn from the jobs you are doing allow you to save and even pay off some debts you have outside of jail. You can even send money to support your family, use your money to call your loved ones, offset some incarceration costs, compensate crime victims, or even buy some luxuries you want.

A lot of former prisoners attribute their changed life to holding down some form of responsibility like taking on a job while in jail. This allows them to survive in a California Department of Correction. It also helps them think through the bad decisions in their life and also gives them hope that they can still have a bright future ahead.

To know how to survive in a California Department of Correction facility, just conquer your self-doubts and start asking around what you could do to contribute. Be an active part of society again and mingle with other people by learning new skills by getting a job that will occupy your time.

You could also try these other tips to help you survive life while incarcerated:

Stay in touch with family members. Work may help keep you preoccupied, but spending time with your family or your closest friends can never be replaced. You don’t want to burn bridges especially since you could use some help to build your life when you get out. That’s why it is important to always stay in touch with them especially when you are inside a locked facility. It is alright to be amiable inside prison, but do not completely trust anyone. You shouldn’t talk to them about personal matters. The only people whom you can trust are your family. So contact them when you can. Write letters. Make phone calls. Accept visits.

Stay healthy. Your family will not be with you when you get sick while incarcerated, so it is important that you take better care of yourself. Do not get involved in anything that can affect you physically and mentally. Read educational materials to keep your mind active. Eat only healthy meals and snacks to boost your immune system.

Eliminate bad habits. Do not smoke and do not do drugs. You will only get yourself in more trouble when you do that. Worse is you might get yourself killed in no time. Stay away from problematic inmates. They will never be able to help you either survive or get a parole. If you are in a bad crowd, expect a No from The Parole Board. As much as possible, be good while inside the prison.

Volunteer for self-development programs. The California Department of Corrections offers all its inmates access to self development programs to help them prepare for life outside prison. It is best for an inmate to take full advantage of this. He gets to learn new things that he can apply inside and more importantly, outside prison. Another advantage for joining volunteer programs is it might help you get paroled. The Parole Board takes into consideration the inmate’s willingness to rebuild a new life. If you can prove to The Parole Board that you are indeed serious, joining a volunteer program would help you.

Stay motivated. Even if life in prison may not be easy for you, try not to lose your motivation. If there are reading materials available inside the prison, get a hold of some inspirational or motivational readings to help you stay motivated. You could also write positive affirmations for yourself.

Keep in mind that being in prison doesn’t mean that life is against you. There are things that you can do to improve yourself so you can better deal with life either inside or outside prison. The correctional facility is also willing to help inmates in rebuilding their lives. There is nothing to worry about so long as you show good behaviour and you keep the faith.

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