How to Survive in a Connecticut Department of Correction Facility

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As they say, knowing how to survive in a Connecticut Department of Correction facility is a challenge. However, there are tried and tested advice that inmates commonly share to be able to beat boredom and depression. These are very important if you want to stay positive and motivated while incarcerated.

Always remember that your mind, body, and spirit needs full attention daily. Remember, if you do not use it, you lose it. Maintain balance among the three by following a schedule. For example, do thirty minutes of exercise and thirty minutes of meditation and prayer in the morning. You can also read a book before you sleep at night, or you could enrol in an available program while in Jail. Getting a job is also a good option as you not only learn a new skill but you get to socialize as well.

Be conscious of how you act and interact with fellow inmates and even the guards. If you come across as someone who’s tough, you might get beaten up. However, if you act like you are weak you will get bullied. Go to both extremes and you are in big trouble. Think and act strategically if you want to survive.

Keep a positive attitude in life despite the negativity surrounding you. Focus on a vision, which in this case should most likely be getting out of prison. It is not too early to plan for your release. So as early as Day 1, draw up a plan on your future employment, residence, relationships. This will get you excited about life and getting through the day.

Knowing how to survive in a Connecticut Department of Correction facility is also about making that sure your communication line is open with people who are outside, particularly your family. Most people who have spent time in jail lose contact with their family while behind bars. Do not let this happen to you. Do not let fear, shame, and disappointment build a barrier between you and your family. Reach out. This is the time wherein you and your family need each other most. Once you surpass this, your bonds will be stronger.

Now, because committing a crime is not something to be proud of, this phase in your life will be a test of who your true friends are. Expect that some of your friends will lose contact with you and even deny your existence. This is normal so be strong.

Practice the art of actively listening. Let the speaker finish what they are saying. Do not interrupt them. When they are done repeat or paraphrase what they said just to make sure you both are on the same page. One thing you do not wish upon yourself is being involved in misunderstandings while in prison. This is close to summoning the furies.

Finally, learn by heart the written and unwritten rules of the prison system if you want to survive. Be sensitive to the verbal and non-verbal cues of your prison mates. There are gangs and hierarchies you have to respect. Know where everything is located like the safe and hot spots. If you want to be alive and kicking by your release date, follow these advice on how to survive in a Connecticut Department of Correction facility.

You could also use these other tips to help you survive life in prison:

•Get yourself educated. Your best move when inside the prison is to get yourself an education; this is especially the case if you’re still young. Being knowledgeable will get you places. When you get out of prison, you would be able to use whatever education or training you acquired while incarcerated.

•Teach English to non-native speakers. Learning how to teach English as a second language would be very rewarding on your part. If you have the skills to teach foreigners English, enhance it by participating in this program. The program helps you survive and you get to also help other people too. The correctional facility in Connecticut is also offering a comprehensive adult basic education for all inmates.

•If you have been addicted to substance abuse, they are also offering treatment for it. The treatment would vary depending on the prisoner’s assessment. Getting treatment for substance abuse can help you endure life inside the prison. If you have been dealing with this problem for so long, it is time to have yourself assessed.

•A note to inmates in Connecticut with regular visitors. They need to fill out a Visiting Application Form that should be mailed to the counsellor. Visitors under the age of 16 years old must provide a valid birth certificate to be allowed to visit.

•Never attempt to escape or distribute drugs and liquor while incarcerated. It is considered a crime and it is punishable by law. You will not be able to survive if you keep breaking rules. Make it a point to always follow guidelines set by the correctional facility.

•Don’t worry If you can’t survive without your reading glasses or contact lenses, staff at health services actually have soaking solution to help you clean them.

•Ask a family member to mail a magazine or a book. Reading will play an important role in surviving life inside a prison. It will help you escape life temporarily and provide enjoyment. At Connecticut Department of Correction, they do allow a magazine or book to be sent out so long as it is from the book store or publisher.

•Ask for media and content in CD format. Listening to music may help a prisoner pass the time inside the prison. Some facilities allow CDs to be sent so long as they are religious or educational in nature. The CDs should be ordered by a third party and shipped to you. It should be coming from the distributor and not from the person who ordered the CD.

When you follow the guidelines above, you will not have a hard time surviving life while incarcerated. The tips should be able to help you survive for a long time inside the correctional facility.

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