How to survive in a Delaware Department of Correction

By | March 2, 2016
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One of the best ways on how to survive in a Delaware Department of Correction is to be motivated. Most of the prisoners don’t have anything to hold on to; they may have given up when they lost their lives, their families, the businesses they have established, the careers they have dreamed of, and everything else. Many of the inmates have lost hope and had no plans for their future. They tend to do terrible things and make terrible decisions because they don’t think they would still have a shot at a better life.

There are four prisons under the Delaware Department of Correction including Delores J. Baylor Correctional Institution, James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, and Sussex Correctional Institution. The Delaware Department of Correction also has 9 community corrections, including:

•Sussex Work Release Center
•Sussex Community Corrections Center
•Plummer Community Corrections Center
•Central Violation Probation Center
•John D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility
•Sussex Violation of Probation
•John L. Webb Correctional Facility
•Probation and Parole Reporting Centers
•Hazel D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility

Inmates who want to know how to survive in a Delaware Department of Correction facility must learn to appreciate what they have and what the state does for them. The Delaware department of corrections has programs for the prisoners’ families especially their children. They provide resources for children so they can better understand why people need to go to jail. Prisoners may also encourage their young friends and families to join mentoring programs and sessions offered to prisoners’ friends and families so that they would get enough information on how they can become law-abiding citizens. These programs aim to rehabilitate the prisoners. The prison facilities under the Delaware Department of Correction have a number of prison arts program. Each prison holds visual arts, dance, cultural, and communication arts classes for prisoners who want to enhance their artistic abilities. These art classes do not only improve the artistic skills of the prisoners but also boost their self-esteem and confidence.
Another secret on how to how to survive in a Delaware Department of Correction is to take advantage of their helpful rehabilitation program. The Delaware Department of Correction has a “substance abuse program” that aims to rehabilitate inmates who have drug problems. A lot of inmates who have non-drug related cases are frequent drug users or drug dependents. So, if you have a drug problem and you want to make the most out of your prison time, you can take advantage of this rehabilitation program.
This program has three components, namely: KEY, Crest, and Aftercare. KEY is the first component of this drug rehabilitation program. It aims to change the negative behavior patterns of drug dependent prisoners. The second component is “Crest” which aims to fully rehabilitate the drug-dependent inmates. The “Crest” phase of the treatment includes peer seminars that tackle thinking errors, stress management techniques, life skills, anger management, problem solving, and relapse prevention. The “Aftercare” program starts when the Crest phase was completed and the offender is released under probation.

For those who are looking for spiritual guidance, prisoners also get the opportunity to repent their wrongdoings. The Delaware department of corrections offers facilities for the prisoners’ religious practice. These are not just great for those who would like to atone but also for those who would like to establish a relationship with God. The department of corrections also offers faith based programs. These programs give the prisoners hope that they can have a better life. The prisons under the Delaware Department of Correction provide worship opportunities for Christian, Muslim, and Jewish convicts. These prisons are also accepts volunteers who are willing to conduct bible studies and other religious services for the inmates.

One of the most powerful tips on how to survive prison in a Delaware Department of Correction is to avoid taking things personally. Prison staff and guards don’t treat prisoners like kings. They don’t treat prisoners like guests to an expensive hotel. Prison staff and guards treat prisoners the way they believe they deserve to be treated. If prisoners were treated in a manner they find unfriendly or disrespectful, they should not take it personally. They should just consider that the kind of treatment they are getting is the same as what they would like given to someone who has violated their rights or their loved ones. Prisoners still have human rights. They may not have the privilege to receive the best treatment but they are still human. If a prison guard abuses an inmate in any way, the prisoner may still file a complaint.

In August 2015, Major Fred Way III was arrested for having sex with a female prisoner in Dolores Baylor Correctional Institution in Delaware. A number of studies show that some guards do force themselves on women. So, if you experience any kind of abuse while incarcerated in one of the prison facilities in Delaware, it is important to come forward and file a complaint. It is also important to avoid being alone to prevent sexual and other kinds of abuse.

Also, here are some other tips that will help you survive in a Delaware State prison:

1. Avoid having intercourse.

AIDS and HIV are more prevalent in prison than in hospitals. So, it is important to avoid having sexual intercourse with the homosexuals. Most homosexuals are polygamous and will get involved with multiple prisoners. So, getting sexually involved with them can also get you into prison fights.

2. Avoid getting too close with the guards.

You might get labeled as a mole if you become so friendly with the guards so you have to avoid getting too close with the guards.

3. Do not get involved in gambling and other illegal activities.

Gambling is rampant in prisons and it is usually initiated by gangs. So, to avoid trouble, you must refrain from all types of bets. Gambling can get you into debt and it can possibly get you killed.

4. Respect the other prisoners.
Respect is essential for prison survival. You have to observe the golden rule – do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

Being incarcerated is not easy, but you can learn strategies on how to survive a Delaware Department of Correction to make your prison time a little bearable.

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