How to survive in a Florida Department of Correction

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The Florida department of Corrections handles about 100,500 prisoners and has about 21,000 employees to help in keeping the facility clean, safe, peaceful and secure. Their main objective is to make sure that the prisoners are all safe and that they don’t escape so that the state and its residence can have the peace of mind knowing that the prisoners stay in jail. It’s not easy being in prison so it is important to know how to survive in a Florida Department of Correction prison.

If your crime does not involve violence, ask your lawyer to request the Florida Department of Correction to place you in a minimum security facility. These facilities are generally safer and they have better prison programs.

To survive in the Florida department of corrections prison, you must have something to look forward to after your release. These programs will equip you with the confidence and skills that will enable you to re-enter the community successfully after you’ve completed your sentence. The Florida Department of Agriculture often conducts beekeeping trainings in the state correctional facilities. Completing this training will guarantee that you will have a job as a commercial beekeeper after your release from prison.
The Florida Department of Corrections also has “horse programs”. If you want to earn a little bit of money while you are in prison, you can take advantage of this program. This program allows prisoners to take care of dying horses and nurture them back to health.

Another great way on how to survive in a Florida Department of Correction is to stay away from negative and unhappy thoughts. Try to stay hopeful and cheerful even if the future looks bleak. Try to go outside as the sunlight will help you overcome anxiety and depression. Find your inner strength and keep believing that you can still rebuild your life after your release. A number of suicide cases have been reported in Florida prisons, so it’s important to stay strong. Whenever thoughts of ending everything comes into your mind, think about all the things that you will miss – sunshine, sunset, birthdays, the smiles of your loved ones, and a potentially bright future.

To survive in a Florida prison, you must stay away from other prisoners’ businesses so you won’t get in trouble. This is not very hard to do because the prisoners stay in dormitory type single cells. Do not go into another inmate’s cell unless you’re invited in.

Another tip on how to survive in a Florida Department of Correction is to have a job. That will do little to help your families make ends meet, but it will give you something to focus on and enable you to be as productive as you can. They can also save the money they earn so that they can start a small business or pay rent for a home upon release. The Florida department of Corrections provides prison jobs such as maintenance, cooking, laundry and carpentry. Their salary may not be as high as the salary for jobs offered when outside jail, but having jobs will help them feel responsible while earning some money. They get the option to get their pay on paydays, or they can take the entire pay on the day of their release. This will help them have something to start with.

Prisoners may also turn their negative thoughts into something productive such as reading books. The prisoners have access to the general prison library. They may also watch movies or TV programs. Their day rooms have one television set, the corrections officers keep the remote control, and prisoners may approach them if they want to adjust the volume or switch to a different channel.

Here are some of the other tips that will help you survive Florida prison:

1. Beware of sexual abuse.

Reports show that sexual abuse is rampant in Florida prisons. In fact, some reports show that Florida prisons allow officers to rape women. In fact, many women prisoners engage in sexual activities with the officers in exchange for basic needs and real world food like cheeseburgers and fries. However, keep in mind that the prison guards are not the only predators inside the prison. In fact, a prison guard was gang raped by 17 inmates in a Miami prison in December 2013.

Do not do things alone to avoid sex abuse from prison officers and other inmates. If you are a victim of this abuse, it is important to come forward. You need to be obedient, but you do not have to tolerate any kind of abuse.

2. Keep an open communication with your loved ones.

To keep your sanity intact, it is important to keep an open communication with your family and friends. Here are some phone-calling tips that you can use:

•Plan your calls ahead. List the things that you want to say to your loved ones. This way, you will not forget anything.
•You have to time your calls. Remember that prison calls are collect calls so your family and loved ones will be paying for the call.
•Pray with your loved ones. Praying with your family on the phone will lift your spirit and give you hope.

3. Be confident.

Do not boast or brag as this could get you into trouble. But at the same time, do not act like a pushover as this could also make you susceptible to violence, bullying, and attacks. Show a silent confidence. When someone confronts you, do not respond right away and choose your words carefully. Do not curse or shout.

4. Do not trust anyone.

Do not do things alone but, at the same time, do not give anyone your complete trust. Remember that you are living among the most horrible individuals in Florida so avoid trusting someone completely.

5. Take care of your health.

Another important tip on how to survive in a Florida Department of Correction is to take care of your health. You have to take vitamins and food supplements. Also, make it a habit to exercise as much as you can. When you’re not feeling well, feel free to consult the prison doctors.

6. Keep yourself busy.

To make the most out of your time in prison, try to do something artistic and creative. You can draw, paint, and even write poetry.

Florida prisons are filled with violence, abuse, and human rights violation. But, as long as you follow these tips on how to survive in a Florida Department of Correction, you’ll be okay.

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