How to survive in a Georgia Department of Corrections

By | March 2, 2016
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Not everybody knows that the state of Georgia is populated with many juvenile delinquents. Most of these youngsters grow up into robbers, murderers, rapists and other violators. They eventually go to the Georgia Department of Corrections. Prisoners who want to survive the department of correction must understand that inmates in their early 20’s and 30’s have the tendency to be impulsive, they may easily get bored and depressed, and doing nasty things to each other may be their way of breaking their boredom. Those who want to know how to survive in a Georgia Department of Corrections facility must ensure that they don’t join in when they the more problematic inmates engage in nasty things such as hiding other prisoners’ clothes or belongings, eating their food, smoking their cigarettes or waking them up intentionally. Older prisoners may find this disrespectful and offending. These little nasty things may cause the older prisoners to freak out or hurt the younger prisoners.

The Georgia Department of corrections, also known as GDC, has one of the biggest and most advanced prison systems in the United States of America. The GDC also supervises about 150,000 probationers and over 50,000 state prisoners. The GDC, being a large facility, needs about 120,000 employees to ensure the safety and security of the state of Georgia’s residents. The facility’s employees include prison staff, prison guards, clerks, the warden, and service cleaners.

1. Stay away from sex offenders.

One of the top tips on how to survive in a Georgia Department of Corrections facility is to stay away from rapists and child molesters. Prisoners treat them differently and they even torture or rape them. It would be safe if you stay away from inmates who were sentenced for raping women or molesting children so that the prisoners won’t think that you’re also a sex offender. If you are actually a sex offender, avoid discussing what you’re in for with other prisoners.

2. Stay away from dangerous gangs.

If you want to make your life in prison a little more bearable, you have to stay away from gangs. Gangs are nothing but trouble. Getting involved with gangs will expose you to prison violence. It will also decrease your chances of getting parole.

3. Do not keep weapons in your cell.

Also, make sure that you don’t own anything that may be used as a weapon. Keeping weapons is against the prison’s rules and regulations. Keeping pointed objects, sharp weapons, and guns may prolong your sentence. In fact, the state can file new cases against you if you are found possessing a weapon.

4. Do not gossip.

One important tip on how to survive in a Georgia Department of Corrections facility is to avoid gossip. Gossip is a complete waste of time and can ruin relationships and friendships. But, prison is boring and, sometimes, it’s tempting to talk about other inmate’s life. But, if you want to get out of prison in one piece, you have to avoid doing this. Starting o pgossip can get you killed.

5. Get involved with the different educational programs in the prison.

The prisons under the Georgia Department of Correction have great academic programs for their prisoners. These prisons offer General Education Diploma (GED) prep and they also offer Adult Basic Education or ABE. The quality of academic programs in Georgia prisons is quite high. In fact, these Georgia prisons have 74% GED passing rate.

6. Take advantage of vocational training.

The Georgia Department of Correction offers fantastic vocational courses to inmates. They offer vocational training in various disciplines, including: cosmetology, construction, cabinetry, air conditioning, graphic arts, upholstery, welding, tile setting, graphic arts, diesel mechanics, information technology, auto mechanics, auto painting, and culinary arts.

These vocational trainings aim to equip prisoners with skills that will enable them to make a living when they step out of prison. So, if you’re lonely and bored, it would be a good idea to take advantage of these opportunities.

7. Do not keep contraband items in your cell.

It’s tempting to smuggle contraband items into your cell especially if you’re desperate and lonely. To keep yourself out of danger, you have to avoid keeping contraband items such as mobile phones, tattoo guns, alcohol, and excess items.

8. Exude a quiet confidence.

If you appear fragile, afraid, or naïve, you’ll attract unprincipled and deceitful people. But, appearing overly confident will also make you susceptible to violent attacks. To keep yourself out of danger, it is essential to exude a quiet confidence. If another inmate confronts you, think carefully before you answer. Do not be rude. Do not shout and most importantly, do not swear. Also, do not brag about anything. Always keep a low profile.

9. Be careful with your words.

You have to be careful with your words. Careless and offensive comments can get you killed. Do not disrespect or insult another prisoner. Do not make rude remarks about his/her family photos.

10. Control your anger.

Being in prison is an emotional roller coaster ride. It can stir up different kinds of emotions so it is important to learn how to control your emotions, especially your anger. Anger can get you in trouble with other prisoners and prison guards. Severe anger can also tear you up internally. It can cause digestive troubles, skin rashes, heart attack, depression, and stroke. Also, fight only when it’s necessary and when other options have already been exhausted.

11. Choose your friends carefully.

It is necessary to choose your friends carefully. Associate yourself only to those who are interested in real rehabilitation. Hang out with prisoners who participate in various Georgia prison programs.

12. Always keep a clean record inside the prison.

The Georgia Department of Correction helps prisoners find jobs after their sentence. But, to take advantage of this opportunity, you have to maintain a clean prison record. Do not break any of the prison rules and regulations and avoid getting involved with gangs. Also, do your duties well whatever it is– mopping, cleaning desks, or doing the laundry.

Learning how to survive in a Georgia Department of Correction prison is easy. But, living in prison is a difficult feat. Whatever happens, don’t lose hope and always keep looking forward to that day when you’ll be reunited with your friends and family again.

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