How to survive in a Kansas Department of Correction

By | March 2, 2016
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People who have violated rules and offended laws may be sentenced to spend time in a Kansas Department of Correction facility for months or years. The length of sentence may also depend on the violation. They need to stay there but may receive occasional visits. They may also make or receive phone calls from their families, friends and lawyers. They have their own places to sleep and rest, eat and exercise.

It may seem that there’s no need to know how to survive in a Kansas Department of Correction facility. Truth be told, life in prison away from their homes and lives may be very devastating. They still need to be prepared. They need to focus on what’s important – that they finish their sentence, and stay healthy physically and mentally so as to get ready for their life after prison.

Surviving life in prison is no joke. Leaving one’s life behind to pay for offending the law is a struggle. A prisoner may turn to people who can help him temporarily to forget his agony, but doing so may make his life more miserable. It is important that a prisoner keeps in mind that there are state laws in Kansas that will prolong his sentence when broken. A proven way on how to survive in a Kansas Department of Correction facility is to be familiar with the laws, why they were implemented, and the penalties for breaking them. This is a good way to avoid doing things that may add years to one’s sentence.

Inmates who dream of surviving must make sure that they know who the prison guards and officers are. They need to show respect. They should follow the rules set by the prison officers and follow the guards who implement them. Those who do not follow the set rules may be penalized. Getting along with inmates and prison officers will also help an offender survive prison life.

It is not only the prison guards and officers that prisoners should know about. A new prisoner will also need to know who’s who of the inmates. One needs to know the inmates who lead the prison gangs inside.

Even inside the jail, there will always be hierarchy within the inmates. In fact, there will be factions inside. It is important for any new prisoner to learn what the factions are, who their respective leaders and high ranking individuals, as well as their territories inside the jail.

Knowing these factions will allow the new prisoner to avoid any trouble. Be aware of the possibility that getting into any of these gangs’ bad side is one of the most common reasons why an inmate will not survive in prison. The worst scenario is the gang might cause trouble even after the inmate has already got out of prison.

Reading books and other reading materials can help a lot as well. There should be books that a prisoner can get his or her hands on even while in prison. Ask if it is possible for visiting family members or friends to bring in some books as well.

Depending on the federal guidelines governing the prison one is in, it might require a court approval for visitors to bring reading materials for prisoners. The reading materials will be strictly monitored as well.

Getting the services of agencies that offer treatment and supervision for offenders is another great answer to the question of how to survive in a Kansas Department of Correction facility? These types of agencies help prisoners be guided and treated emotionally, mentally and physically.

These services are also available for those who have been in prison and those who are preparing to go to jail. Fees and charges may be applied for taking advantage of these services. This is very helpful as a prisoner may need all the help he needs so he may heal and never disobey regulations and laws.

A prisoner’s health should be his top priority. Any inmate must take advantage of any health care programs offered in prison. It is important to avoid complicating any health condition. At the same time, new inmates can also prevent any ailments while still at their early stage.

Even as a prisoner, the government will not overlook one’s health care needs. It is up to the prisoners themselves to take advantage of these offered programs. Especially if the new prisoner is the type to get easily stressed, these health care programs can keep one in good shape while in prison.

Exercise every day. This cannot be overstressed enough. There are prisons with gyms set for working out. The type of gym available (and if there is one around or not) will depend on the facility, though.

However, if a prisoner is detained in a prison that actually has a gym, then do not hesitate to take advantage of that. Take the time and lift some weights. Exercising can help keep the body fit. It keeps away from ailments. Even if there is no gym in the prison facility, one can still exercise by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and other similar exercise routine.

Do not get isolated from the other prisoners. The new prisoner might be afraid and paranoid about the other prisoners, especially since most of them are proven to have criminal records. It can be really scary, especially if this is the first time one is spending time behind bars.

However, getting isolated will only get one in more trouble. Engage them in simple conversation. Avoid engaging in trashy talks and other conversation that might cause problems not only with the conversation partner but also with the other prisoners and the prison guards.

Asking family members to consistently visit also helps a prisoner survive prison life. The feeling of being loved, remembered and cared for will help him dream of being better and having a bright future. The more he feels loved and care for, the more he will strive to survive.

He will have stronger belief that his life can still improve if he has the support of his family and friends. He will be more determined to behave well and will eventually go home to his family if he knows that his family believes in him.

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