How to Survive in a Mississippi Department of Correction Facility

By | February 1, 2016
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The Mississippi department of correction is strict with their rules and in order to survive prison life, a detainee must make sure that he stays away from trouble. In other words, he needs to avoid doing things that may prolong his sentence.

How the Mississipi Department of Correction Facility Started

The very first state prison in Mississipi is at penitentiary in four city squares in central Jackson in 1843, situated where the Capitol of Mississipi resides today. But the Jackson prison was destroyed during the U.S. Civil War, and the during that time the state had no prison. The prisoners were sent to the third parties.

After December 31, 1984, prisoners sentenced by the state could no longer be leased or hired by third parties. After the leasing system ended, the State of Mississipi started to build its own correctional facilities. Some of the properties bought by the state are Rankin Farm in 1895.

Then, Oakley Farm in Hinds County was purchased. The government also bought land in Sunflower County in 1901 which lead to the establishment of the Parchman Farm where the present Correctional Facility stands.

The Mississipi Department of Correction opened in 1976 to oversee the present Mississipi state prisons. The Correction facility now houses 20,585 prison inmates, which is around 690 in every 100,000 state residents. The crime rate in Mississipi was four percent higher as compared to the national average. Also, Mississipi has two federal correctional facilities on its borders. The facility houses around 6167 prisoners. The Correctional officer jobs can be spread throughout state or federal corrections systems in Mississipi.

How to Survive Inside a Correction Facility

A person who wants to know how to survive in a Mississippi Department of Correction facility must remember that causing damage to anything inside jail will only cause problems. There are lots of machines and equipment inside jail. Some inmates cause damage to these machines in order to piss the prison guards off. Sometimes they destroy the equipment while they are horse-playing or fighting.

Obviously, anyone who wants to survive in a correction facility must never make attempts to escape. Trying to escape or making plans to escape jail will definitely add months or even years to a prisoner’s sentence. He may even get hurt if he attempts to get out of prison. Simply put, a person who wants to survive in prison must keep in mind that there is no other way to regain his freedom but to finish his sentence.

Another sensible way to survive in prison is to stay healthy and clean. A prisoner must ensure that he stays away from illegal drugs and alcohol. These are strictly prohibited inside the prison but there are some detainees who have ways to bring them in.

The punishment for the use of illegal drugs and alcohol is serious. What’s worse is that use of these substances may cause sickness and even death. A prisoner who gets addicted to drugs and alcohol may have less chances of living a normal life after being released. The risk of offending and being incarcerated again is also high.

As to be expected, a person who wants to know how to survive in a Mississippi Department of Correction facility should consider the downsides of engaging in bribery. Bribing prison guards for temporary freedom or special treatment will definitely put a prisoner in major trouble. Prison guards are trained to decline any forms of bribery and prisoners caught offering money, services, or goods to prison staff and guards could end up facing additional legal woes.

Using or taking someone else’s valuables without permission is considered stealing. A prisoner who wants survive life in jail must never get involved with stealing. Prisoners only have a few things and they will do anything to get their valuables back. Even if it is not a prisoner’s intention to steal, problems with theft may arise due to misunderstandings. So, it is still best to ask permission before using a fellow inmate’s possessions.

There are prisoners who don’t agree with how the prison officers run the correction facility, so they create groups that will go against them. This is their way of showing power and control. Prisoners who create or join such groups are no longer qualified for parole and may even be sued. They may also be placed under strict supervision and may not be allowed to join other inmates in the most usual activities.

Companies Profit Off Inmate’s Families

Retail price for everything like shampoo, snacks and others in Mississippi Correction Facility has soar high. This is one of the primary concerns of many prisoners who are questioning how prison officers run the facility. For more than three years, private companies have taken over $32 million from prisoners and their families from telephone calls and commissary sales, with the state having fourth of that.

According to correction Commissioner Marshall Fisher, the commisary items now cost more, but the popular ones, have gone down as compared to the previous prices.

Some of the items that has gone down are ramen noodles, eyeglasses, and stamped card. The prison officers are aware of the cost of the items and are committed to work hard to even lower the items price. There is an added cost to items that are delivered directly to the prisoners and also some are higher because of security reasons.

Prisoners are not allowed to receive food, televisions, snacks and similar items from their families. They can purchase these items in the commissary inside each prison.

For example, a 20 ounce box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch costs around $1.67 at discounted price. In the Mississipi Department of Correction the cost of this item is five times higher – $4.80 for a box with eight fewer ounces.

Religion also does not come cheap inside the Mississipi Department of Correction facility. A copy of Quran in Amazon costs less than $13, while inside the correctional it costs $26. Good thing the faith groups are providing them free of charge to inmates who want one.

Knowing how to survive in a Mississippi Department of Correction facility is vital to anyone who’s going to be incarcerated, so it’s important to remember the tips discussed above.

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