How to Survive in a Missouri Department of Correction Facility

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Prison is without a doubt, synonymous with danger. That’s why many end up wondering whether they’d be able to survive in such a place. Well, those who wish to know how to survive in a Missouri Department of Correction facility needs to familiarize themselves with these crucial guidelines and reminders.

Prisoners should never posses any illegal items. There are lots of things that a prisoner should not posses such as weapons or anything that can be used as weapons. Pornographic materials, drug paraphernalia, plans and maps that may possibly be used for escape, as well as prison staff and guards’ uniforms and identification cards that may be used for falsification are also prohibited. Prisoners caught in possession of these will no longer qualify for parole. They may even face legal troubles.

Prisoners who want to survive in prison must also be sensitive and cautious. They may feel that they have found friends inside jail but there are topics that they need to avoid. Topics related to politics and religion should never be discussed with fellow inmates as this might ignite misunderstandings and commotions. People have different beliefs and going against each other’s opinion could start a riot. Asking about a fellow prisoner’s life is also not a good idea.

Here’s another reminder that might be useful to those who want to know how to survive in a Missouri Department of Correction facility – one must never inflict harm on himself and to his fellow inmates. Keep in mind that there are inmates who are members of groups or gangs, which have the potential to cause more harm – especially when it’s for the sake of getting revenge.

It would also help if a detainee gets familiar with life in prison by reading the provided handbooks. These reading materials are given to both the prisoner and his family. It is a way to make sure that a prisoner knows the things he can do and those that he shouldn’t.

A family’s support is always beneficial and that is the reason why a prisoner’s family is also given a copy of the correction facility’s rule book. These rules essentially serve as an assurance that their incarcerated family member will be treated properly inside the prison house.

One of the important factors to help the prisoner survive inside the facility is to have a continue communication with his loved ones. There are several ways a prisoner can communicate with his relatives, friends and others.

Ways to Communicate While Inside the Correctional Facility

Telephone Contact

Prisoners are not allowed receive phone calls, but telephones are available throughout the institution for offenders use if they are not on restricted status. Those assigned under segregation units have limited access to telephone. The offender can make a collect call using a PIN via an automated security system.


Another way of communicating with your friends and family is through mail. Encourage your loved ones to write you a letter while you are inside the facility. Tell them that even they just recently called you or visited you, receiving letter makes you feel special.

All incoming mail and outgoing mail is subject for inspection. The mail is checked for unauthorized articles or substances and examined to make sure it does not contain anything which may affect the security and safety of the facility.

Other Essential Things Offender Needs to Survive

Each prisoner has an account for personal funds that can be used to make purchases of clothing items, small appliances, hygiene items, phone time and snacks. Special rules have been created for depositing funds to an offender’s funds.

Money can be deposited to offender’s account through cashier’s check or money order. The money should be made payable to the Missouri Department of Corrections and accompanied by a deposit slip. Each prisoner has access to deposit forms and can forward the slips to you any time. You can send money order to a designated address. Never send photographs, personal mail, stamps or cards it will never reach your relative inside the facility.

Offenders are allowed to purchase property items from the authorized outside vendors and institutional canteens. The Department of Correction provides each prisoner with basic clothing item that includes pants, shoes, overcoat, undergarments, belt and medical supplies.

A private contractor under the direction of department staff provides the health care services for the offender. The medical services provider gives importance to preventive care and the early detection of health problems. The objective is to prevent disability and disease , or when a problem already exist, to prevent it from worsening.

Some institiutions have infirmaries on the site that offer 24 hour observations and care by professional health care staff. If in case it requires hospitalization, community hospitals are used to provide the needed attention.

In case of other mental health, a private contractor will provide the services. The provider will be the one responsible for addressing the mental health treatment of prisoners. The services include initial assessment and evaluation of prisoners, individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, referral to psychiatrists or special treatment facilities, and psychological evaluation.

Clinical staff assigned are responsible for treating offenders whenever they need it. In case of complaints, they are allowed to voice it out through the grievance procedure.

Someone who wants to know how to survive in a Missouri Department of Correction facility needs to familiarize himself with his rights. He may have offended people and the country’s law but he is still a human being and he still deserves to be treated like one. A prisoner may talk to his lawyer regarding his rights as a detainee.

He may also report acts that he feels violates his rights as a person. If he is bullied, harmed, or abused by prison guards or staff, he should report it to his lawyer as soon as he can. If fellow inmates harm, threaten, or hurt him, he may report it to the prison guards. If he doesn’t get a response, he may call his lawyer so that he could take the necessary legal action.

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