How to Survive in a Montana Department of Correction Facility?

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Knowing how to survive in a Montana Department of Correction Facility is not necessary for most people, especially those who are not actually in prison. However, for those who’d most likely end up incarcerated, preparing to survive in the cell is vital. Even if you are a veteran or not, it is best to know what are the do’s and don’ts inside prison. In this way, you can have a peaceful life during your stay inside.

Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure a non-violent and peaceful prison life:

Survival Tip #1 – Take a job. You can get a job if you have a great record and you have not made any grave offenses. The jobs you get inside have low pay. However, having one is a good thing for you because it gives you a sense of responsibility. You will be trained to wake up early so that you can prepare for work. This can make you feel that you are not worthless and you are still capable of doing something good.

Getting jobs inside, can help you provide for your family, especially if you are the breadwinner. You can save your salary and send it to your family. By doing this, you can let your family know that even if you are in a complicated situation, you can still make things turn for the better. Some of the jobs available in prison are cooking, cleaning, plumbing, record keeping, welding and maintenance. You will be hired based on your work experience and educational attainment.

Survival Tip #2 – Watch what you say and learn to respect others. Do not talk about politics and religion. You may run out of things to say, but these topics are sensitive and should not be discussed. These can cause fights and disagreements.

Survival Tip #3 – Avoid gangs. Once you are labeled as a member of these groups in prison, your chances of obtaining a probation or parole will become lower. Being associated with a gang can only bring you problems and it can put your life at risk. Most of the time, the only things that gangs do are fight and kill each other. You will always have enemies. You do not want to spend your time in prison living like you always have to defend yourself. It would be better to stay away from these groups as much as possible.

Survival Tip #4 – Avoid drugs. Using illegal drugs is detrimental to your health. Staying healthy inside prison is a challenge and using drugs will make it even more impossible for you to achieve it. Bear in mind that illegal drugs and substances can affect your way of thinking. It can cause hallucinations. The use of illegal drugs can also prevent you from thinking clearly. You’ll end up getting yourself in trouble with your fellow inmates or you’ll end up hurting yourself.

Survival Tip #5 – Avoid gambling. Illegal gambling is punishable by law, especially if it is done in prison. This can be the cause of riots inside. This happens when the losing party refuses to pay their bet or the winning team will beat the losing party up for not paying. You’ll end up having a bad record, which will extend your stay in prison. You may also lose your right to accept visitors or you may no longer be allowed to make any phone calls.

Survival Tip #6 – Exercise regularly. The more you exercise, the lower your stress level becomes. Exercising regularly will not just help in keeping your body fit; it can also improve your mental health. The main target of bullies in prison is the weak. To avoid such incident, you should make yourself look strong and unbeatable. This doesn’t mean that you have to show-off your body. This means looking healthy and fit enough for others to not to step on your business. Always choose healthy foods. Eat fruits and vegetables. They are the best sources of energy.

Survival Tip #7 – Don’t trust anybody. Prison has a unique setting. This place has the highest number of thieves, predators, con-artists, liars, rule breakers and crazy people. Be extra careful with your inmates. There are others who are willing to get out of their way just to get to know all about you, especially if you are a newcomer. These inmates may want something you have. It is better to keep things to yourself. However, not all people inside the prison are totally bad, but it’s better to keep your guard up all the time.

Survival Tip #8 – Follow rules. Prisons are created because people have committed a crime and they have violated the law. This is why they are strict when it comes to following rules. Such rules exist to maintain the peacefulness in the facility. There are consequences if you break them, so you better think carefully if breaking the rules is totally worth it.

Survival Tip #9 – Get busy. One thing you have in common with other inmates is time. However, you can find ways to make time pass by quickly. Your loved ones have other things to do and are busy with their own lives, so you can’t expect them to visit you all the time. Your life inside the prison should go on as well.

Create a daily routine. The prison guards are aware of this fact, so they also look for ways for you to get busy. The more occupied you are on doing something, the less trouble you’ll get into. You can find different things to do while you are inside the facility. Don’t waste your time on unimportant and useless things. You can do sports, join clubs, spend time in the library, choose a hobby, or educate yourself. It is better to have a productive time during your stay rather than do nothing inside.

Knowing how to survive in a Montana Department of Correction facility is rather easy. Take note of these tips and do not take them for granted. These tips are important in making your stay inside the facility more productive and harmonious.

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