How to Survive in a Nebraska Department of Correction Facility?

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Are you behind bars for the first time? Just like other people who are in the same situation as you are, you may be wondering how to survive during your stay in prison. Your family and friends cannot help you and schools don’t teach students about prison survival. Because of this, you have to get through this on your own. Here are some tips and things to do so that you will know how to survive in a Nebraska Department of Correction Facility:

Depression is common in prison. Prison life is hard. People who have experienced jail time know that fact deeply and those who never experienced it believe it too based on what they have seen or read on the news. It is not an ideal place and just the thought of spending a part of your life inside is quite depressing. If you don’t do anything inside prison, you will most likely succumb to the feeling of hopelessness, especially if you focus too much on all the bad things that you see inside the facility.

Ask the facility to get you a mental health professional. This way, you will have someone you can talk to and help ease all your worries. Try to concentrate more on your overall being, instead of distracting yourself with outside forces. Exercise is the best answer when it comes to fighting depression. Stressing yourself with exercise can release hormones that prevent you from feeling depressed.

Another thing you can do is to stay away from alcohol and prohibited drugs. Assimilating these things inside your system can affect how you think. It is better to have a clear mind, if you want to prevent depression from taking over your life. Refrain from drinking caffeine and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Another tip on how to survive in a Nebraska Department of Correction Facility is to stay in touch with your family. Being away from your loved ones is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Keep in touch by writing letters, talking to them over the phone and seeing them on regular visits. This can give you the determination to survive every day and this can give you hope that you can be with your family again once you are released.

You should not forget the power of reading. Spending time to read books can help widen your knowledge and prepare you for the life ahead once you are out of the facility. Reading newspapers and magazines can keep you updated and you can keep tab on what is happening not just in your place but around the world. Through reading, you can start viewing the worst phase of your life in a more positive light.

Take note that correction facilities are not allowed to receive books from families and friends. They can only receive books and reading materials if they are sent from the bookstores, publishers and other establishments that sell or give away these items. Payment receipts should be attached to the reading materials. Churches and other religious groups can also send Bibles and other related materials to the inmates.

Aside from the risk of getting depressed, you will also most likely experience other emotions when you are in prison. This can make you furious and frustrated because you can’t do anything about your situation. Once that pent up anger explodes and it becomes too much then major problems can happen. You may end up arguing with your fellow inmates or even the guards, or worst you’d end up in a fight. It is highly recommended to control your emotions wisely.

It is best to avoid making assumptions out of the things that are happening to you. Don’t misinterpret that a simple knock on your shoulders means that someone is hitting on you. Do not be a mind reader. One mistake can change it all. The things that you believed in may not be the same as others. It is best that you do not oblige them on the way you think. Pushing what you want could sound tyrannical to them and most inmates don’t want to be bossed at.

It is not always about you. Don’t exaggerate the things that are happening to you as getting singled out or you are not taken seriously. There are things that are beyond your control and you can’t control everybody. It is best if you let things as is. The more you think that they are out to get you, the more you get angrier and the more you’ll get yourself in trouble. You will survive longer if you have a broader mind and if you don’t let other people’s behavior affect you.

Learn to get a hold of your emotions. As much as possible, don’t let your inner feelings show. Do not show any anger, pain, fear or happiness. There are prisoners who like to prey and play with your emotions. Showing emotions can be one of your weaknesses and your biggest enemy. Showing such feelings can be used against you.

Majority of prisoners are bored and for some, the best way to make the most out of their time is to piss someone off. They may have read you as someone who is easily angered or depressed. They may do things to provoke you and make you do things that can get you angry, causing you to end up in a fight. Keep it to yourself. Do not piss and intimidate both the prison guards and your inmates. Treat them with respect so that they will not get into your business.

Being in prison is like an emotional coaster ride. You may encounter such emotions during your prison life. Knowing how to face such feelings can help you cope and stay alive inside. As much as possible, get rid of those negative feelings. Never let your emotions get the best of you. How to survive in a Nebraska Department of Correction Facility is not an easy thing to do. Nonetheless, following the tips mentioned in this article can help you deal with the ordeal more effectively.

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