How to Survive in a North Carolina Department of Correction Facility?

By | February 1, 2016
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North Carolina Department of Correction has a sanctuary — the library. The inmates have access to this facility every day. They can read books and newspapers. They can also listen to audio materials to help them pass the time. Having a library inside the prison can surely help the inmates survive life. If they need enlightenment or motivation, they can go to the library and read. Being in prison does not mean you should stop learning. The library also provides educational materials for the inmates so they can hone their skills. They can even borrow materials from the library so they can study in their cells.

There are other things a prisoner can do in order to learn how to survive in a North Carolina Department of Correction facility. The state prison offers helpful services for inmates to help them not just survive life while they are incarcerated, but also to grow as human beings. Check this list:

Visitation Services – Getting frequent visits from family members is among the best ways on how to survive in a North Carolina Department of Correction facility. In North Carolina, they allow up to 18 visitors per inmate. Minors are allowed as long as they present a birth certificate and attach it to the application. Adults should present a valid picture ID. Visits should be maximized as they only allow one per week with a maximum of two hours per visit. The inmate should make sure to follow visitation rules and regulations to avoid problems.

Prison work – To help inmates earn in jail, NC Department of Correction offers jobs to inmates. They can help in the construction of either public roads or prison facilities. Being employed while being incarcerated can surely take your mind off your problems and stress.

Working with pets – A unique way to help out prisoners survive life while being incarcerated is to allow them to work with animal shelters in preparing animals for adoption. They will be taught to train dogs. Prisoners have the option to pursue either an apprenticeship as a dog trainer or an apprenticeship as an animal care provider. The best thing about this service is they can be certified if they complete 4000 hours of work. This is to help them obtain a job when they are released. Working with animals while incarcerated is a fun way to survive life in prison.

Educational service – The NC state prison also provides educational services for inmates to help them become responsible citizens when they are outside prison. They offer classes in writing, reading, math and advanced vocational skills. They will also be taught to discipline themselves. Classes to hone their interpersonal skills are also included. If inmates keep themselves busy by working for a few hours every day and study at the same time, they will not have a hard time surviving life in the state prison.

Keep communicating with family members – North Carolina Department of Correction offers telephone privileges to its inmates. They allow this because they believe it will contribute to the inmate’s overall rehabilitation process. To keep this privilege, make sure that you adhere to the rules and regulations. This privilege can be suspended if you don’t follow guidelines. If you are about to be released, then you can also use the telephone to contact future employers and friends.

Take advantage of North Carolina’s Counseling Services – This program can help an inmate improve his interpersonal and social skills. Activities will be facilitated by professionals in the field. They organized this to help inmates improve their overall well-being. They also have counseling for those inmates who have problems with family members. The goal of the program is to help them strengthen their relationship.

Use their consultation services – If you are still new in prison, you may be experiencing problems either with yourself or a family member. When this happens, make sure to consult someone. They will listen and solve your problem. They will also give out recommendations on how to approach a situation better. An inmate struggling with life in prison can surely take advantage of this service. It will make his life easier as someone is willing to help him resolve a dilemma.

Join the Bridge Program – Bridge is applicable only to non-violent inmates. It stands for Building, Rehabilitating, Instructing, Developing, Growing, Employing. The program will train inmates fight forest fires. The goal of this program is to help inmates develop a strong work ethic to ensure that they get a job when they are released.

Remember the 3Ms – your mettle, muscle and mind – These three are your weapons in surviving life inside prison. Grab every opportunity that will help you strengthen your 3Ms. If it is good for the brain or for your spirit and body, go for it. It will be a tough fight so you should be prepared for it.

Start planning for your life outside prison – To stay motivated, write down your plans in rebuilding your life. It may take years for you to get out of prison but when you have something to look forward to, it gives you courage. You need all the courage you can muster when you are inside prison as life will not be easy.

In North Carolina Department of Correction, all prisoners are assigned a Case manager to help them adjust life in prison. This is good news as it will surely help prisoners survive life while being incarcerated.

Life does not stop when you’re inside prison. You do need to move on to survive. What you can do while inside is to check all the services that are available for all inmates. You can’t afford to stay idle inside prison. That will not help you survive. You won’t learn anything new. It is imperative to do your best in improving yourself inside the prison. Participate in activities you think will help you. Rest well to prepare for another day. You may struggle, but if you follow the guide above on how to survive in a North Carolina Department of Correction facility, you will realize that life is still worth living.

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