How to Survive in a North Dakota Department of Correction Facility?

By | February 1, 2016
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What are the ways on how to survive in a North Dakota Department of Correction facility? Well, consider this – the Department of Correction in North Dakota believes that education affects the inmates’ behavior. This is the reason why they offer educational programs to the prisoners. Keeping busy with schoolwork and training programs can help an inmate survive life while he is incarcerated.

In North Dakota, a prisoner has a choice between courses in computer, general education and resume writing. There are also programs available to enhance his career and personal development. Other courses are available for the inmates, but they will have to shoulder the school expenses. What inmates can do is to ask help from family members and friends so they can take advantage of the different programs offered by the facility. If they have enough money, then they can enroll in different programs to stay busy all the time. That will keep boredom and loneliness at bay.

They can also follow these other tips on how to survive in a North Dakota Department of Correction facility:

Get a job – All inmates will be busy as they are expected to work while they are incarcerated. The work available ranges from food services, janitorial, laundry, and rough rider industries. Working for eight hours and being paid for it can help out inmates survive life inside the prison while also earning money. If the inmate shows exceptional work performance, then he will be rewarded and more work will be offered. A work achievement will surely make a positive difference to the life of a prisoner and of course, it will prepare him for life outside prison.

Communicate with family members – In North Dakota, prisoners are not allowed to receive phone calls. The staff also can’t receive messages for them. They are, however, allowed to make calls to approved people on their list. Calls are charged to the other party.

Visitation – Inmates are allowed visitors, but only for an hour. To encourage the family members to keep communicating with the prisoner, it is best to use JPay for emailing because it is fast and easy. They can also send letters to the prisoners via snail mail, but before it is distributed to the inmate, it will be inspected for contraband.

Read books and magazines – Family members and friends will not be allowed to send any personal properties to the inmates. The prisoners will only be asked to purchase reading materials via approved catalogs and publications. All other materials not delivered by approved publishers will be sent back to the sender. Reading not only helps the prisoner escape reality; it also helps them gain more knowledge. They will also be well-informed if they keep on reading. Reading news magazines will also keep them up to date with what’s happening in the world.

Participate in religious activities – North Dakota Department of Correction has prepared religious activities for inmates who want to stay in touch with their spirituality. If you are the spiritual type and that is your way of surviving life, then take advantage of this opportunity. Spiritual guidance and counseling will be facilitated by chaplains. There will be bible study groups as well that will be conducted every week.

Take advantage of the medical services offered by the facility -Talk to a dietitian and ask advice on how you can keep yourself healthy inside the prison. For sure, the dietitian will give you recommendations on what food to take and not take.

Keep yourself busy by joining Thinking for a Change – It is a program designed to help inmates improve their social, cognitive, and problem solving skills. Joining this program is one of the best ways to respond to life’s stressful situations.

Join Houses of Healing – This is a therapeutic group offered by the facility. Their programs include different subjects like forgiveness, relaxation, and self-esteem. Joining this is a good idea as it will help you battle stressful and traumatic situations in life. It will surely help you survive life in prison. There is another group called Beyond Trauma that promotes the emotional well- being of an inmate. The Coping Skills program will help you improve your mental health. Find the time to join in either one or in all of these programs.

Write your way to survival – Journaling is a form of self-expression that also contributes to self- healing. If you have been struggling with your life in prison, then consider writing down your emotions. As you keep writing, it will be easier to deal with your emotions. You will no longer feel defeated or lost. Writing helps you survive and it exercises your brain.

Give up your vices – If you used to smoke, then give it up. Keep in mind that it is not good for your health, and it will cost you money. You need to save up your salary when you are in prison, and not spend it on cigarettes or booze, so you will have something to spend once you get out. Decide to break bad habits the moment you step inside the cell.

Avoid gambling – You may be tempted to gamble especially when you are not doing anything productive. Keep in mind that gambling is a no-win situation. If you lose and you won’t have money to pay, you will surely get yourself in trouble. Spend your time doing helpful activities instead.

North Dakota utilizes a Recidivism Reduction approach in controlling population of offenders. This practice reduces the amount of old offenders coming in for a new crime. What they do is assess the prisoner before recommending what program he should involve himself in. Programs include drug and alcohol treatment, vocational training, etc. Prisoners can join this program to keep them preoccupied. If they are successful, they are less likely to come back to prison for another crime.

Life inside the prison need not be boring and sad. Nowadays, state prison already provides services to inmates to help them survive life while incarcerated. Keeping busy with work is beneficial to the inmate, but it is still essential for them to keep communicating with their loved ones. After all, staying in touch is one of the best ways on how to survive in a North Dakota Department of Correction facility.

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