How to Survive in a South Carolina Department of Correction?

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The South Carolina Department of Correction has developed programs specifically for inmates to help them with their rehabilitation. Even if they are inside a correctional facility, they can still make their life meaningful. They can learn new skills while earning certificates, receiving treatments, obtaining a GED, and even assisting in teaching about life in prison.

A detainee can survive life in prison if he only opens himself up to new opportunities provided for him. Regular visits from his family and friends are still important as that will give him hope.

Operation Get Smart

This program involves traveling the state and speaking to youths about crime and its consequences. If you have the minimum requirements, have no criminal records and are committed to the program’s mission, you are advised to join. Traveling will surely take your mind off your confinement. Being able to get out of the facility from time to time is one of the best ways on how to survive in a South Carolina Department of Correction.

Inmates are carefully screened for this program. They will be asked to complete an OGS application together with their intention to participate in the program. They will be asked about what they can contribute to the youth. When they pass screening, they will need to complete orientation and training. Correctional officers will then supervise them.

Prison Industries Traditional Program

Learning a new skill is another way to survive life in a correctional facility. The Traditional Program offers inmates a chance to develop skills in making desks, mattresses, bookcases and picture frames. When you are busy, time flies. You also learn at the same time with this program. You never know, your skill will be useful when you finally get out of the facility. You will be paid minimum wage for this program.

The Service Program

Joining this will train you to work with golf carts, textiles, meter parts and tree seedlings. You will be paid up to $1.8 for this.

Operation Behind Bars

This program allows an inmate to share his experiences to stop the youth from committing the same crime. Helping someone else not to go through the same thing you are going will surely help you survive life in prison. You will be speaking to the youth about how you ended up in the correctional facility, and how it affected you and your family. You will also be talking to them about your day-to-day life in prison.

Get Treatment

The correctional facility’s primary goal is to keep their inmates physically and mentally healthy. This is why they offer substance and drug abuse treatment to those who need them. If you are of those people, see to it that you join this program. Keeping yourself mentally fit in prison will sure help you survive.

Intensive Supervision

If you are less than 25 years of age and have no previous convictions, you may apply for a parole. This can be your only hope to get out earlier than what you sentence dictates.

Shock Incarceration Program

The focus of this program is to help inmates become more responsible adults. If you are 17-29 years old and not convicted of a violent offense, you are eligible for this program. This is a 90-day program that includes Anger Management, Parenting, Counseling, Money Management, GED Preparation (for high school), and others. Joining this will surely help you on how to survive in a South Carolina Department of Correction.

Here are additional tips in helping you survive life in a correctional facility:

•Take advantage of all the programs offered in the facility. When you are preoccupied with something productive, you feel comfortable and useful.

•Join Clinical Services Program. You will never run out of things to do in prison. There are always activities that you can take advantage of to help you pass the time. The Clinical Services Programs are designed to help inmates improve their social and cognitive skills. Programs like clinical thinking and substance abuse education are even available. You will learn a lot in prison so long as you grab the opportunity to learn.

•Attend a job readiness program. In South Carolina, they make sure that inmates are prepared for the outside world. They will be taught more self-improvement skills to prepare for employer interviews. Joining this program would give the inmates hope that even if they were imprisoned, life can still be good to them.

•The PIE program pays its prisoners up to $10 an hour. You might want to join for you to be able to save money. You are like hitting two birds with one stone when you join PIE. You learn and you earn. You will be making furniture and wire harnesses for this program.

•Your family will be the people who will never leave you no matter what. Make sure you keep communicating with them. Check with the facility as to how else you can communicate with your family. When they visit, talk only about things that matter. You can’t afford to talk about useless things. Every visit counts.

•Stay healthy. You will survive if you are fit to work. Exercise during your free time and get a hold of any reading material to keep yourself better informed.

•Stay away from drugs when you’re inside prison. You might be offered drugs by some inmates. Avoid them at all cost. They will not help you survive in prison. In fact, they will make your life miserable. When you get caught, you might serve more years in prison.

•If at some point you feel depressed, talk to a mental health professional. If you can articulate how you are feeling, that would be better so they can better assist you on how to deal with your problems. It’s normal to have one especially when you’re in prison, but try not to let that get to you.

Life doesn’t stop even when you’re in prison. So don’t allow yourself to become depressed. You’ll get out eventually so long as you keep your hopes up.

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