How to Survive in a Utah Department of Correction Facility

By | February 1, 2016
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Prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Utah Department of Correction facility may come up with a list of things that they want to do once they are released. They may think of the things that they haven’t done with their families, such as going on ski trips. It is one of the most famous and exciting activities in the state of Utah. They may also make a list of shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks that they haven’t gone to. This will remind them that someday, they will be with their loved ones again.

They can also maintain great relationships with families and friends even while they are in prison. The Utah Department of Corrections has an official website where families and friends can schedule their visits. The rules and regulations about visitations are also posted on the website. It is encouraged that prisoners’ families and friends read and become familiar with the rules before they visit their incarcerated loved ones. Visitor application forms, visiting privileges, and warnings are also posted on the website.

Prisoners must also appreciate the fact that there are volunteers who help make the prison a better place. The volunteers also help them become better people. They help prepare them as they transition back to the community. They provide counselling and mentoring to those who face depression and anxiety. The volunteers help decrease the number of suicide incidents in the prison. Those overwhelmed, humiliated, and disgraced because of their incarceration may consider committing suicide.

The counselling and mentoring that volunteers conduct are determined by the level of depression and anxiety that needs to be tackled. They will advise the prison staff if the prisoners need special medical attention or if they need to be transferred to a hospital.

Prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Utah Department of Correction facility must learn to forgive. They must forgive those whom they feel have betrayed and hurt them. They must forgive themselves for doing wrong things that caused their incarceration. They must also accept the fact that they can no longer change the past. However, they always have a chance to do better so they would have a happier future.

Prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Utah Department of Correction facility may write letters of forgiveness. On the other hand, they may also write letters to ask forgiveness from those whom they have hurt or offended. They may keep the letters and send them out once they feel that they are ready to ask for forgiveness.

Prisoners who want to survive life in prison may create a list of the things that they have done, both right and wrong. As the days pass, they should analyze their lists and think of the reasons they are in prison – reflecting upon such things will bring forth realizations that should keep them away from trouble. They need to appreciate the great things they have done and think of how they can start doing things that will make them better people.

Stay Safe while Inside the Prison

There are numerous ways to stay safe while in prison. Spending time in an orderly prison is possible if everyone will do their share in making it happen. Sometimes, there are inevitable incidents that could lead to a prison riot. It is important for an inmate to exclude himself from the scene or avoid getting involved; otherwise his days of peaceful prison life might suddenly come to an end.

It is prudent to establish good communication and rapport with the other inmates as well as the prison staff. Maintaining good communication could prevent misunderstandings that might lead to trouble. Each inmate should also learn to study the mood of the person they speak with, and to always stay composed and calm.

Even though the occurrence of intense atmosphere inside the prison is nothing new, it is best to avoid the situations or circumstances that might create such an atmosphere. It is also advisable for the inmates to recite a mantra that could help them calm down, instead of adding more fuel to the ignited fire even more.

The officer or staff that is assigned for the day should learn to maintain the same mood all throughout his duty to avoid possible confusion on the part of the inmates. The prisoners are well aware that mood swings happen, but it is different if the officer for the day has varying moods during his duty. The inmates do not like it when they need to guess what their officer in charge is thinking or what he might do next. The prison staff should also avoid showing fear whenever they need to talk to someone with a notorious reputation. Each staff member should aim to create and maintain a calm environment within the prison walls.

Each one must understand how important it is to take time to listen. It is also important to make the current conversation flow smoothly. No one should manipulate the ongoing conversation and each one should be given a chance to talk. It is prudent to make sure that the words uttered would not lead to a misunderstanding.

When talking to someone, refrain from creating unnecessary or excessive body movements that might annoy the others. There are times when an inmate might pick up the wrong body signal and ignite a riot.

It is also important to avoid topics that might lead to giving out differing opinions. Stick to light and happy topics that everyone would want to discuss. There are also times when it is best to just listen and keep quiet.

Inmates that share the same interests should group together. It is best for an inmate to keep the company of the people that share the same ideas and goals to avoid getting into trouble. Once he gets involved in a riot, it is almost impossible to avoid it especially when it happens again.

How to survive in a Utah Department of Correction or any other department of correction might be tricky, but it is possible. An inmate should discard any negative thoughts if he wants to live well while serving his sentence.

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