How to Survive in a Vermont Department of Correction Facility

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Prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Vermont Department of Correction facility may join programs that keep them safe and productive. One of the programs is called Vermont offender work program. It is offered to all prisoners regardless of the law they have violated. This program helps them prepare for their lives after prison. They are given lessons, lectures, and suggestions on how to contribute to society.

The offender responsibility program planning, on the other hand, is offered to prisoners so they will learn how to become responsible in different aspects of their lives. They will also learn how to avoid being incarcerated again. This program will not just help the prisoners, but will also help decrease the crime and unemployment rate of the state.

Another program that will help prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Vermont Department of Correction facility is the Vermont treatment program, which is for sexual abusers. This program teaches them to understand, modify, accept, and maintain positive changes in their behaviors relating to inappropriate and illegal sexual activities. The prisoners are also given the chance to better understand the gravity of sexual abuse. This program will not just help the prisoners but will also ensure that victims of sexual abuse and rape will decrease significantly.

The program that will help prisoners who want to know how to survive in a Vermont Department of Correction facility are the Domestic abuse programs, and teams and networks against sexual assault and domestic violence. The prisoners are given lectures about how domestic abuse affects society. They are also given counseling to help them avoid violence. Batterers Intervention Program or BIP and Intensive Domestic Abuse Program or IDAP are also offered to those who were incarcerated more than once due to domestic violence.

Prisoners who want to survive prison must stay away from unhealthy living. They must stay away from cigars, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tattoos. Having tattoos may cause infections and even AIDS. Smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs will not only harm prisoners but may also cause early death. Prisoners must keep in mind that they have families and friends who are hoping that they will be together soon, hence they need to stay as healthy as they can.

Prisoners who want to survive prison must ensure that all their personal belongings are kept in safe places. Inmates who are bored with their lives or those who simply want to bully their inmates may throw or steal other inmates’ personal belongings. There are even times when they don’t really like their inmates’ possessions, but they steal them just to piss them off.

Prisoners who want to survive prison may keep a photo of their kids, families, and friends. Pictures will serve as motivation so they would behave well in prison. They may also create a scrapbook of their family pictures. They may give the scrapbooks to their families or they can keep them so they would be inspired to do better.

Keep a Healthy Atmosphere, Body, and Mind

In order to create a healthy and peaceful existence inside the prison, everyone must be able to choose the group of people to regularly associate with. The inmates who share the same interests should be together. It is not advisable for an inmate to work alone. There are groups that tend to bully someone who has no group of his own. That’s why an inmate should be able to choose his companions wisely so he can peacefully survive in prison.

Mental preparedness is crucial when serving a sentence. There will be days when nothing seems to go right. An inmate should learn to remain positive while going though such a tough day. He needs to remain calm and reasonable. He might hear offensive comments, but he should not let it get the best of him. Once he submits himself to rage, he might not be able to get back to his peaceful prison life.

Respect begets respect, and everyone should keep that in mind. One must show respect in order to gain respect in return. There are also prisoners who refuse to give the respect that a person deserves. It is best to stay away from those inmates to avoid possible encounters.

It also helps if the inmate could establish good rapport with the officer in charge. It would be easier to ask for a favor in case something happens, but an inmate should not abuse it.

If there’s a brewing riot, then the best thing that an inmate could do is stay away from the scene as much as possible. If it’s impossible to do so, then he should do everything in his power to avoid getting involved. It is likewise advisable not to initiate possible fights.

An inmate who is new in the correctional facility might find it difficult to adjust during the first week of stay. He might look aloof or even refuse to mingle with the rest of the crowd. It is not a good practice to refuse to eat or stay inactive. The body will grow weak without proper nourishment and exercise. It is possible for the inner workings of the mind to break down. As an inmate, it is important to keep the body healthy and prepare for the day when one can finally leave the correctional facility.

The facility offers different activities for the inmates to keep their body fit and healthy. Moping can only make the days seem endless. Gardening is one of those useful activities that can also help the body stay fit and in shape.

The correctional facility also provides regular check-ups to make sure that the inmate’s body is in tiptop shape or if he needs further medical care or assistance.

The facility also offers programs that the inmates can join to keep their sanity intact. There are also psychological services that the inmates can take advantage of, and keep their mind free from worries.

The correctional facility can provide the necessary things that the inmates need, and help them learn how to survive in Vermont Department of Correction with ease.

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