How to Survive in a Wyoming Department of Correction

By | February 1, 2016
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Knowing how to survive in prison is more than just surviving your sentence. Statistics show that 50% of inmates who were released in prison ended up going back inside. This just proves that surviving in prison entails more than just being alive every day.

Here are some things to remember on how to survive in a Wyoming Department of Correction:

•Stay physically healthy

One of the common complaints of inmates is food. Most of the food are either greasy or starchy and does not contain enough protein. The commissaries, such as packed noodles and tuna, are also not the healthiest food options. To sustain the body with its needed nutrients, you can take multivitamin supplements as part of you commissaries. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and help you lose weight.

Just as important as eating the right food is engaging in regular exercise. One of the helpful ways on how to survive in a Wyoming Department of Correction is to participate in outdoor recreational programs such as basketball, soccer, flag football, walking, running and other fitness enhancement plans. Wyoming Department of Correction also provides workout equipments such as treadmill, exercise bikes and fitness videos.

•Enrich your mind

If you don’t allow your mind to think productively, you will most likely lose it. You can choose to be a couch potato or you can opt to enrich your mind so that when you get out of prison, you are well-prepared to spend time in the real world.

In Wyoming Correctional Facility, they offer inmates a chance to finish high school and earn a GED. Inmates are also given the opportunity to earn credits and take college level courses. Surviving prison also means being able to stand independently when released. An inmate can only do so if he is well-equipped with things needed outside the prison.

Fortunately, there are vocational training courses offered by Wyoming Department of Corrections such as electrical, small engine repair, flooring, welding, horticulture and custodial maintenance classes.

•Read a lot of books

This is a tip in league with the previous one. It should be rare for a federal prison to discourage prison mates from reading. On the condition that they meticulously monitor the delivery of these magazines, the federal prison will most likely allow inmates to order books directly from publishers or retailers. There are strict procedures that you will have to go through though if you want to read books.

An alternative if the direct ordering from publishers or retailers is not possible is to get your family members or friends to do the book shopping for you. You can let them take care of the ordering of the books. You might want to consider making the list before you get inside the prison though as there are no web access there and you will not be able to make a reading list while inside.

•Keep your guard up

Each federal prison takes the prisoners to a hold-over facility first before departing to prison. The other term for the hold-over facility is the prison camp. It is your acts in the prison camp that will determine whether you will be transported to a low, medium, or high-level prison.

Depending on the facility where you will be transported to, it might be rare for you to enjoy a solitary cell. You might have to stay in a two-man cell. Always be prepared for what might happen, especially when you are staying in a cell with more than three inmates.

•Choose your words

For prisoners, no matter how innocent the person you are talking to looks like, be it a cellmate or a prison guard, whatever you say will always be used against you. There are definitely prisoners who have short tempers or have paranoid tendencies. If you do not choose your words carefully, you might end up in big trouble.

There are prisoners who will test you while having what seems to be a friendly conversation. It would be good if you can observe who you are talking to just to avoid landmines. However, just try your best to choose the words that will not offend who you are talking with.

•Control your temper

With both stress and pressure inside the prison, most inmates get angry easily. There are several factors that can contribute to losing one’s temper. But if you succumb to this anger, you will mostly likely just get into trouble.

To help you face the world outside, you need to change your way of thinking. There are many ways to help you manage your anger. Reading books that tackle this topic, going into counseling and guidance programs, or even attending church can help in controlling your anger.

•Learn how the system works

It will be helpful for you if you learn the rules as fast as possible. You should try to find out how the prison system works with the inmates. Normally, you just have to follow the official rule book, which you should thoroughly read to avoid getting into trouble. However, there are cases when the prisoners have their own rules set up.

You should be able to learn the ropes easily if you observe. The power of observation will help you survive while in prison. Talk with other prisoners as well. The more you observe, the more information you gather. Remember that, whether it be in the world in or out of prison, information is always power.

•Be positive

Another tip on how to survive in a Wyoming Department of Correction is to be positive and to always hold on to life. Depression is so rampant inside prison, driving inmates into giving up.

The only way to get out is to look for motivation. Help others through volunteer work. Lift your morale by doing something creative. Getting a job inside the prison is also a great step in reforming yourself.

There is never too late for everyone. There are a lot of ex-offenders who were able to survive in and out of prison. If they can do it, so can you.

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