How to Survive in an Arkansas Department of Correction?

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If you find yourself arrested for a crime you’ve committed while you’re in Arkansas, you may be sent to an Arkansas Department of Correction. If it will be your first time in a prison, you will need a lot of help adjusting, and finding people to trust. Here are some notes to know on how to survive in an Arkansas Department of Correction.

Find People from your Hometown

Most likely, the officers and staff inside the prison won’t be much help to you when inside the correctional facility. In times of trouble, you will need someone to support you and back you up. It will be difficult to find these people in prison because you will be surrounded by those who are ill-tempered, violent and have mental incapacities. Your best shot, and the wisest strategy, is to find people from your hometown. If you’re from Michigan, chances are, there will be a lot of people from Michigan there, and it will be easier to find a niche. However, if you’re from another state, then it will take some more effort from you to find people from your hometown. Do a quick search and try to be friends with them.

Do not Join a Gang

There will be numerous gangs within prison, and you may be tempted to join them because they seem to be up in the hierarchy of the prison community. Also, they seem to have each other’s’ backs in everything. However, before thinking of joining a gang, remember that this will most likely get you into more trouble. Being part of a gang means you have to follow a gang leader, and the gang leader may ask you to do things, like keeping contraband or drugs. Once you’re part of a gang, you cannot say no. If you do say no, they can physically hurt you or get you in trouble.

Respect Others’ Possessions

Do not go poking your nose into other people’s stuff. An important thing to remember about how to survive in an Arkansas Department of Correction is that everybody doesn’t have much and the little possessions each individual owns is precious. Don’t go looking at personal letters or pictures without permission. Likewise, do not leave your stuff lying around, especially if you have a few dollars. Act like you don’t own anything and don’t have any money, just to avoid piquing anyone’s interests.

Use the Secure Housing Unit

The secure housing unit is an isolation cell usually used for high security individuals or as punishment for troublemakers. However, you can ask to be put inside the secure housing unit if you feel threatened in any way. Being inside an isolated cell is relatively safe, but keep in mind that you will be rarely allowed to get out of your cell and the conditions in there are much worse. Only use this in extreme situations for your personal safety.

Stay educated

Instructors at the Arkansas Department of Correction are licensed by the Arkansas Department of Education. Their schools have computer laboratories that the inmates can use. Staying educated can help an inmate survive life inside and outside prison.

Join a Habilitation Program

This is specifically for inmates with mental disabilities. The program would help assist prisoners with treatment and housing. They are also taught coping skills to prepare them for a life outside prison. If you have a relative who is in prison and is mentally challenged, inform him about this program so he can take advantage of it.

Get a Hobby

Another option for inmates to survive life while incarcerated is to get a hobby that can help them earn money. Fortunately, The Arkansas Department of Correction offers prisoners a chance to learn how to produce leather goods, cloth and wooden artifacts. These can be sold to family and friends. Learning a craft can be an effective way in surviving life in prison. It keeps you preoccupied and focused on what you are currently doing. It’s good to also give gifts to family members and friends even if you are in prison.

Visit the Library

A perfect place to visit in prison is the library or any place that has access to educational materials. Arkansas correctional facility has a huge collection of reference materials from different publications as well as paperback and electronic books. They even have a law library for those eligible inmates. You can use the library for recreation or for expanding your knowledge on different subjects.

Take advantage of their dental and medical services

In prison, you can get these services for free. It is also open to all inmates. Just in case you get sick inside the prison, do not hesitate to visit the clinic to get yourself checked or treated. You won’t survive life while incarcerated if you are suffering from a disease. It would also help to visit a dentist regularly to have your dental health checked. A mental health clinic is also available for those inmates who would need special care.

Get specialized training in agriculture

There is one advantage of being inside a prison. You are provided with free services that can help you earn a reasonable income. The correctional facility in Arkansas offers numerous training programs for their inmates. They can learn farming, meat, milk, and vegetable processing. Rice production is also offered as well as horse training. If you know how to manage your time, take advantage of all these services. You will never regret learning them when you are already outside the prison.

Prison may be hard at first, but it can get better once you figure out the ropes. Reading up on how to survive in an Arkansas Department of Correction will provide you with some clue on how to adjust on the completely different planet you will encounter inside the correctional facility. Just remember to find people whom you can trust, avoid gangs, respect other people’s possessions and in extreme situations, opt to go to a secure housing unit. Never let your guard down, and you’ll be fine.

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