How to Survive in an Indiana Department of Correction

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Most people who are sentenced to months or years in Indiana Department of Correction will need determination and perseverance to stay positive and eventually get back on their feet. Spending one’s life in a place where most people are hopeless and depressed is more than challenging. Hopelessness and depression is contagious. He needs to stay away from them and stay as positive as he can so that he can finish his sentence, survive life in jail, or even get a parole.

Basically, the question that should be answered here is, “How to survive in an Indiana Department of Correction facility?”

Nurturing his three M’s is a must. These three M’s basically refer to the mind, muscle, and mettle. To nurture the mind means that one has to read books to continuously stimulate mental activity. If it is possible, you can even play chess or board games allowed within the facility. These activities that stimulate mental activities can prevent the deterioration of the mind, which can lead to prison trouble.

Nurturing the muscle pertains to exercises. Even when inside the prison, with or without a gym facility, he should not skip on daily exercises. If there is a gym facility, lift some weights or do some gym exercise routine. If the gym facility is not offered, he can take simple exercise routine like curl ups and pushups while inside his own cell.

Nurturing the mettle, on the other hand, refers to nurturing one’s spirit. Do not just focus on one of the three. Make sure to nurture all of these three simultaneously. That way, he can relieve himself from the stress that the prison life might inflict on him.

Joining religious groups may help a prisoner heal spiritually and learn to forgive himself for the sin he has committed that made him land in jail. He can choose to go for a religious group that is specific to his religion. Another option one can opt for is any religious group that helps to enrich one’s spirituality regardless of religion.
If he does not believe religion, these groups can still help him stay away from those who may be bad influences to him. People in religious groups can also help him avoid gangs, gambling, and illegal drugs. It’ll prevent him from getting into different kinds of trouble.

Another great way on how to survive in an Indiana Department of Correction facility is to stay away from gangs and groups that are into illegal activities. Getting involved with Gangs will expose a prisoner to high risks of getting hurt and even getting killed. If he ever gets into a fight and is eventually caught, it may prolong his sentence.
The prison head officers may even file charges to those who may have started the commotion. Different kinds of penalties may be imposed depending on the prison house rules or state regulation. Moreover, getting involved in gangs does not only limit itself to inside the prison.

It is rarely possible for a prisoner to cleanly cut himself off a gang. When he gets out of prison, he might even be saddled with illegal activities that might even involve his family members. Becoming a member of a gang while in prison can become his haunting horror for all his life.

Instead of joining a gang, he should just learn about the power structure inside the prison. Just like the outside world, the inside of the jail facility is also like a community where there is power structure. Power structure refers to the factions holding the power inside the prison facility as well as those prisoners lording over the other inmates.

If he knows the power structure in the prison facility, he will know who to avoid and what to do to not get unnecessary attention. Knowing the power structure inside the prison facility will be a great help for prison survival while he is inside.

Making friends inside of prison is not impossible, especially if he is already aware of the prison’s power structure. Only that he needs to choose who to be friends with very, very carefully. Some of the prisoners might just want to get friends with him to trip him up but there are those prisoners who genuinely want to be friends.

The wrong people can get him in trouble. Some prisoners who befriend him and then turns out to be fake friends might even cost him a longer prison sentence. If he can find a good friend, he can have someone to talk with while in prison.

Avoiding any form of gambling will help a prisoner survive life in jail. Illegal gambling may start conflicts and fights inside the prison, especially since most prisons don’t allow prisoners to have cash in their pockets. Some inmates may even take life as payment for losing from a gamble.

Inmates who have cash or illegal drugs used for gambling may be given a longer sentence. They may even be disqualified for parole. Those who lose in gamble may even make life more difficult for those who won, especially if they think they should have won. Gambling is really risky, especially against new prisoners and when the stakes are high.

Using illegal drugs is not just a grave offense. It also puts the life of the user at risk. A prisoner who wants to survive life in jail should ensure that he stays away from any form of illegal drugs.

People inside the prison are susceptible to illnesses. They are exposed to other inmates who may be afflicted with various diseases. Although the government tries to feed the prisoners with as much nutritious food as possible, they still don’t get as much nutrition and exercise as they would get if they were outside prison. Hence, the chances of getting sick or even dying, especially with use of illegal drugs, is much greater.

There are not the only ways on how to survive in an Indiana Department of Correction facility. So, don’t hesitate to seek more information – after all, it’s for the sake of staying alive and sane.

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