How to Survive in an Iowa Department of Correction

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To surpass all the ordeals and challenges inside prison, one needs to know how to survive in an Iowa Department of Correction facility. Well, there are several ways for prisoner to survive life in jail and getting along well with other prisoners is among the proven methods. A prisoner may be bullied by other inmates who have been in the prison for a longer time.

Letting small things or a little bullying pass may somehow hurt one’s ego but it will definitely pay off. An inmate can avoid conflicts or even small fights that may eventually grow into something more complicated. Avoiding fights and conflicts will also make a prisoner’s life more bearable and to an extent, stress-free.

Prisoners who are caught starting fights may be asked to clean bathrooms, dining areas, or even the entire sleeping area. They may even be asked to sleep in much more uncomfortable rooms as a form of punishment.

Staying healthy and fit inside the jail is a must. Prepared meals served in prison may not be as scrumptious as food served at home but they will do fine. Remember that these meals were prepared based on the guidelines and regulations of the state or the government.

A prisoner should eat all food served and get as much exercise as he can get. He may also ask his family to bring him vitamins and food supplements. Do take note though, that this may need to be approved by prison heads. Letters or prescriptions from a licensed physician may also be required.

Another way to stay healthy and fit is to go through a daily exercise routine. This routine can be done in the gym, if the prison facility has one. Otherwise, you may opt to use an exercise routine that will not require you to use weights. Examples of these exercise routine include curl-ups and push-ups.

Here’s another answer to the question of “how to survive in an Iowa Department of Correction facility: staying positive, creating an attainable and realistic plan, and having a clear goal. He needs to have a plan to guide him in his everyday life. Living one’s life along with others who have become hopeless may be a struggle.

It is important that one should set a goal of eventually claiming freedom back. Keeping this goal in mind will give one something to hope during the long lonely dragging days in prison. An inmate also needs to keep this in mind so that he can avoid temptations and bad influences.

Reading books and magazines is worth making it to one’s prison survival list. There are books and magazines that one can already find inside the prison. These books and magazines are meant to help pass time as well as enrich the prisoner’s character.

If he has already finished reading through the available books and magazines inside the prison, he can then ask for permission to have additional books and magazines to read. This might require permission from the prison authorities and there might be a chance that this petition can be declined, it should still be worth it to send a request.

Staying happy inside prison may sound impossible but trying to do so will help a prisoner survive the sad days away from his family. He may use pictures, letters or books as a motivation or inspiration.

He can think about what he will do when he gets out or look forward to the time when his family members will visit him. There are many sources of happiness that one can think of, as long as one does not lose hope. Keeping his hopes high will help him plan ahead and avoid the same mistakes.

Praying can also help. Regardless of what one’s religion is, he should not forget his spirituality. Enriching the spiritual self does not require him to go to church.

Just keeping in touch with the Almighty Being in a solemn prayer can also work. Especially if the individual is feeling guilty and wants to atone for his sins, then he can use the time inside the prison to reflect on his actions and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Father. He can also ask for guidance from the Heavenly Father to help him get through his prison term.

Getting on the bad side of the other prisoners should be avoided. That does not mean that he has to be paranoid over every interaction he has with the other prisoners though. Just make sure that he does not say anything that can put him in hot water with his conversation partner or with the other prisoners.

Moreover, he should not dig his own grave by making snide remarks or insults to the prison guards. He does not have to be extremely close with these people but he should never be on their hate list. The trouble he makes inside of prison may follow him outside, after all. The grudge might even affect his family so he must be careful when dealing with co-prisoners.

Avoid gossiping then. Most of the fights inside the prison start because of one careless remark that then spread like wildfire in the grapevine. Avoid prisoners who tend to gossip as well as their friends. If he does not engage himself in gossip conversations, he can save his life while in prison. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.

Staying close to his family and friends is another great way to survive life in jail. It is important that he creates a lasting relationship with them even while he is in prison.

He may make constant phone calls or write them letters to ensure that he gets updated with important events that happen while his inside the jail. He may also ask his family to create a scrap book of their everyday lives and bring it to him when they visit. This will inspire him to behave well in prison and be excited of the life that he will have once he gets out.

With these, it should be clear that there’s more than one way on how to survive in an Iowa Department of Correction facility. There are many methods that a person can incorporate to be able to go through the facility and get out as a better person.

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