How To Survive In Jail As An Alcoholic

By | January 1, 2016
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Overcoming addiction or alcoholism is such a difficult phase for some, especially to those who are behind bars for something they did because of their excessive drinking. There is a solution to this problem. If you are an alcoholic, there are things that you can do to survive jail or prison. Take note though that some methods work better with different types of people.

The success of rehabilitation should always start with education. It would be helpful for someone in jail to participate in education or vocational training programs. Not only will he learn something new, but at the same time, he will also be productive. With his newly-learned skills, he’ll gain confidence in himself and will have the ability to excel in the industry where he will possibly work upon his release.

Whatever education or training he gets in jail will prepare him for the outside world. He will also learn to control himself and channel his energies towards more productive endeavors. When somebody gets locked away after committing an offense, he tends to become more defensive, rebellious, and hard-headed, because he feels like everyone else is against him. With improved productivity, his mental and emotional states are likewise improved.

Alcohol is not allowed in jail, so the short time that an alcoholic spends behind bars should serve as time for detoxification. For those with extreme addictions to alcohol and even drugs, some institutions have detoxification and rehabilitation programs. These usually start with a clinical assessment of whether the inmate is showing any psychiatric symptoms, like suicidal thinking, depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Through this evaluation, the clinician will know whether the inmate should go through individual counseling, group therapy, 12-step recovery program, or something similar. Inmates with complicating medical and psychiatric conditions are monitored closely and informed of their options in rehabilitation methods.

If you are a first-time offender, it is important that you recognize the need to change. Get your life back on track and ask around if somebody could give you a recommendation for a good counselor. If you broke the law while under the influence of alcohol, you may ask your lawyer if you can qualify for an alternative sentencing program rather than going to jail.

Judges in the U.S.A. have the authority to sentence you to go to rehab or stay in jail. They know that alcoholism is a disease and they may also consider that you may not have been fully aware of what you have done while breaking the law. By accepting to stay in a rehabilitation center than in jail, you get to finish your sentence of 30 days to a year. You will also have the chance to get some help from the outside world to make you overcome your alcoholism.

Other ways to get through alcoholism behind bars is to ask a friend, a family member, or an officer who can help you bring Alcoholics Anonymous in jail or in prison. The provision of counselors and a support group is essential in the rehabilitation of an addict or an alcoholic.

It would also be a great idea if alcoholic inmates and members of AA will be writing letters to each other. This is going to be a good platform for communication, and for bridging the gap between different members of the society. It is important to maintain sobriety after getting through alcoholism. Check out support groups that help people break free from their addiction. Ask someone to help you prepare an extensive list of network support groups that can help recovering alcoholics.

You should try to be as busy as possible. Another way to survive jail as an alcoholic is by joining sports, by working out, or by learning a new hobby. Exercise is a great activity that takes your attention away from your alcohol cravings and at the same time makes you healthy. You can do your aerobic exercises, resistance training, and stretching on the prison grounds. By exercising on a regular basis, lifting weights, playing a sport, such as basketball, or by just doing something new, you end up enjoying and forgetting your problems inside the prison.

This is actually a great way to overcome alcoholism and to fight stress. Instead of lying around your prison cell the whole day and wallowing in the idea of wanting to have a drink, participate in positive, stimulating, and social activities that can take your mind off of your situation.

You may also ask people like your family or friends to bring you books in prison, to keep you distracted or to inspire you to do better at overcoming your state of alcoholism.There are also prisons with libraries, so go ahead and check it out. Reading empowers a person. By gaining new knowledge, you’ll be able to cope with your situation easily and you’ll be able to use that new knowledge of yours once you gain your freedom.

It would also be nice to make new friends in prison that you can talk to whenever you feel the urge to have a drink. Make a few acquaintances so you don’t spend most of your time being alone. Your prison mates may help uplift your spirits and provide you encouragement.

Also, have a check-up and ask your doctor as to what are the best ways for you not to suffer from any withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Think of happy and great memories, and use that to be inspired to get through the day. Avoid feeling that you need to be filled up by alcohol just to feel comfortable or whole. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Since most prison food is full of calories, improve your diet by getting commissary products that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Replace your meal at least twice a week, with these better alternatives.

Have enough rest, and avoid smoking too as smoking cigarettes give you that urge of drinking up. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Lastly, pray or meditate. Stay positive. Knowing that you want to have a clean and peaceful life is already a great sign that you will survive behind bars.

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