How to Survive in Prison or County Jail if you are Short?

A mugshot/booking photo of a young woman.

A mugshot/booking photo of a young woman.

Prison life entails trouble, riot or any form of destruction which make it more of a dangerous place to stay even for a day. Every inmate should be fit and strong to stay alive in prison. If you’re a short person entering prison for the first time, chances are you’ll want to know how to survive in prison or county jail if you are short. Prison is full of aggressive, pugnacious, stupid people – the worst of the worst. Therefore, it is no surprise that inmates pick on other inmates for no apparent or viable reason at all. They do it just to tickle their fancy. For some, they create ruckus to show the new inmates how dangerous and intimidating they are. For others, they resort to riots to simply release their boredom. They do not have anything worthwhile to do, that’s why they wanted to attract trouble because that is what they’re good at.

For a short person to survive prison, the first thing that he has to remember is not to associate himself with punks. A punk is a person who becomes another inmate’s bitch; another prisoner’s “girlfriend”. Inmates who become punks are usually weak-minded individuals who seek protection from other prisoners. Punks virtually become slaves of the prisoner who owns them and they are sometimes sold as currency to other prisoners.

Do not associate with a punk or become one. Associating with a punk inmate will most definitely make you look like one in the eyes of the other inmates. Becoming a punk entails getting abused and used inside prison. In other words, you attract trouble by becoming a punk or by associating with them. Thus, you must bear in mind to stay away from this kind of inmates.

The best way you can do to stay away from those punks is to play it cool. Do not freak out and show that you are intimidated with other taller inmates. Most inmates bully other inmates because of their weak appearance. They become the target of abuse because they appear to be someone who does not seem to fight back. Playing it cool means, you have to be strong and look unafraid, even if you are shaking inside.

Additionally, you can look strong and confident by working out. Shape your muscles so that you will look fit and strong. Even if you are short, when you have a body of someone who is not afraid of anyone, then no one’s going to mess up with you. You will be less of a target of abuse.

The second thing that short people have to remember to survive prison is never ever discuss the details of your crime. This rule is applicable to all types of crime, especially crimes that are sexual in nature. A prisoner who’s convicted of a sexual crime, especially against children, is the one usually targeted for brutality and rape by other inmates. It is ironic how prison inmates hate certain crimes when they themselves are criminals.

If you’re a short inmate and a fellow prisoner starts asking you about your crime, do your absolute best to avoid the topic. A prisoner who keeps asking other prisoners what their crimes are is called a gremlin. Try your best not to share a cell with a gremlin. If prison management happens to put you in with one, ask to be transferred to a different cell right away. Gremlins will most likely get you killed.

If you are short and you want to survive in prison or county jail, another key point you should take into consideration is the way you look at other inmates. If possible, do not stare at another prisoner. Do not look at them directly in the eyes. Making eye contact might send a negative message to the other person, which may cause trouble. If you stare for even just a second, the other inmate might think that you have something bad going on in your head or you might be planning something against the other party. Therefore, beware eye contact at whatever circumstance.

Another thing to remember on how to survive in prison or county jail if you are short is never ever give other inmates any reason to think that you’re a snitch. Snitching, or telling on other inmates, is the most despised act in prison. Once the other prisoners think that you’re snitching out on them, there’s a likelihood that you won’t stay alive for long. Snitching is not only limited to working with the prison guards against other inmates. Telling on an inmate to a rival inmate is also considered snitching.

Finally, the last thing to remember to survive prison as a short inmate is to always maintain a respectful and polite attitude. This rule not only applies to fellow inmates but also the prison guards and staff. Your attitude is basically how others will see you in prison. If you’re an asshole and you have the tendency to make trouble with other inmates, then you’ll most likely be taken out by another prisoner. If you’re respectful and polite both with the guards and your fellow inmate, then you’ll also be treated well while you’re inside.

Also, always make yourself available for any kind of help that your fellow inmates could use. As long as it’s not against prison rules, lend a helping hand to your fellow inmates. That way you will create a harmonious relationship with them instead of creating trouble. But make sure you do not take helping very seriously because it might just cause some misunderstanding that will lead to riots. Some inmates might think that you are just nosing around and are secretly getting information on their whereabouts. Most inmates are highly suspicious even for no apparent reason.

Surviving prison as a short inmate isn’t exceptionally hard. Looking fit and strong is one thing, staying away from these troublesome inmates is another. As long as you keep the aforementioned things in mind at all times, your prison stay will most likely be trouble-free. So that’s basically how to survive in prison or county jail if you are short.

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