How to Survive in Prison or County Jail if you are Skinny?

short inmate mugshotWhat is worse than being convicted to serve time in a prison or in a county jail? It’s thinking about how you will be able to survive it. Well, there is something even worse than that – and that is thinking how to survive in prison or county jail if you are skinny. Are there ways? Yes, and here are various tips on how to survive in prison or county jail if you are skinny.

First, if you still have time before your prison or jail time, you need to spend it getting physically fit. If you are skinny, it is then highly recommended. The situation in prisons or in county jails is way too different from that of the outside world. You need to be healthier, bigger, and stronger before you get in. You may want to add up a few pounds and tone those muscles a little to prepare for your prison or county jail time. In addition, having a healthier body will add up to your confidence. You will also avoid being harassed by your inmates, as skinny individuals are oftentimes the easy targets for bullying.

Aside from getting physically fit, arm yourself with basic knowledge in self-defense. Though it is unlikely that you are going to need it, knowing how to defend yourself will pay off. Knowing self-defense does not mean you have to be physical about defending yourself. The main goal is you know how to recognize a threat when an inmate is planning to hurt you.

Second, you need to get a decent and good lawyer. First and foremost, your main focus is to get out of prison or county jail as soon as possible. In this case, it is vital to get a lawyer whom you can trust – a lawyer who sincerely wants to get you out. In addition, you also need to constantly communicate with your lawyer for updates regarding your case. You also need to cooperate and tell all the necessary information you know that can help your case. Constant communication with your lawyer will also give you the hope you need during your dire moments inside the prison or county jail.

Most jails provide a free special phone access to call your lawyer. If you need to call, you can ask the guards. Moreover, your conversation with your attorney should not be recorded. However, some jails and prisons are very strict about phone calls and record every conversation. Thus, be very careful with your words. The jails can use it against you.

Third, you need to know the medical options available to you. Some prisons and county jails have general services that include medical services. Being skinny and being in jail may cause you to become sickly. Knowing where and how you can get medical attention when needed is gravely important. To avoid getting sick, maintain cleanliness. Always wear clean clothes, and slippers. Befriend a trustee so you can ask the person to give you clothes that fit your skinny frame.

Fourth, you need to eat what is given to you in your prison or in your county jail. Meals are given in long intervals, so do not ever think of giving away or wasting your food. In addition, meals served in prisons and county jails may be the worst food you would eat, but you should avoid being picky. Remember that it is important that you are well fed no matter what you eat. Plus, you certainly do not have any choice.

Fifth, you need to arrange for someone to fund your books while serving your sentence if you have savings left. Books refer to the accounts of inmates kept by the county jail or prison. You can use this to buy commissary inside the jail. Use it to buy food since meals, as mentioned in the fourth tip, are served in long intervals. In addition, you can also use your books to buy phone cards for communicating with your lawyer and relatives.

There are people who shun their convicted family member, not fully understanding the situation. However, if you are lucky and still have relatives who are willing to talk to you, maintain communication with them. Some jails limit telephone time to 10 minutes. However, not all of them are strict about it. Talk with your family members until the telephone cuts out.

Ask them to tell you stories. These may make you homesick but refrain from feeling the emotion. Instead, use such stories to distract yourself from the harsh realities of prison life. Being a prisoner is not easy, but with stories from your relatives, you have something to hold on to while inside the prison or county jail.

Sixth, you can spend your idle time writing about your experience inside the jail. Most inmates do this. In addition, you will have something to look back into when you are free. Though serving a sentence is not something to be proud of, you will have a reminder to do better once you are out of jail. If you are not into writing, read books on how to find a job after serving a sentence in prison or jail.

Most likely, you will have a hard time finding work if you are an ex-convict, no matter how short your sentence is. Aside from the few people who understand your situation, many are prejudicial to ex-convicts. In addition, you can spend your time in a more productive endeavor such as enrolling for a college course for inmates. You can use the college credits once you leave the jail. Turn your newfound skills and knowledge to help other people. You can be an inspiration.

With these helpful tips on how to survive in prison or county jail if you are skinny, do you think that you are more confident about surviving life behind bars? You need to always remember that there is a silver lining in everything and there’s always a rainbow after the rain – so you should remain confident about your chances.

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