How to Survive in Prison or Jail as a Gang member

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Some people see joining a prison gang as their only means of survival inside prison. Being a gang member inside prison has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that your fellow gang members will always have your back. You don’t need to sleep with one eye open. The disadvantage to joining a prison gang, however, is that you have to adhere to strict gang rules; rules that are mostly pro-violence.

Learning how to survive in prison or jail as a gang member is easy. All you need to do keep these following points in mind at all times:

•Adhere to Gang Rules Religiously – Prison gangs have certain set of unwritten rules to follow. One particular rule that is strictly enforced is never to put your hand on another race or gang member. Putting a hand, or in other words, assaulting another gang member or race, will most likely yield deadly results. One of these results is a full-blown prison riot. Another gang rule that you must adhere to is when one of your fellow gang member gets into a fight, you are obligated to help him out and join in. Failure to do so would result to deadly consequences. Also, you must also follow your gang leader’s orders, and show a high level of respect at all times. If your gang leader asks you to go take out somebody, you go out and do it. Failure is not an option. If you fail, there will be grievous consequences.

•Do not Snitch – This goes for gang members and non-gang members alike. Never, under any circumstances, tell on another inmate with the guards. Since most gangs do illegal things inside the prison, they value their secrecy the most. If you witness something illegal, do not tell the guards about it. If the guards are interrogating you, just keep your mouth shut even if it means going in the hole. In prison, it’s better to be put in isolation rather than in general population where you have a higher chance of being stabbed because they think you snitched out. Snitching is not only limited to telling on a specific member of the gang. It also encompasses gang matters. Under no circumstances should you divulge anything about gang activities both outside and inside the prison. As you know, gang bosses have the ability to call hits on anybody, inside and outside prison. If you mention these things to a rival gang member or a prison official, you’ll be dead within the hour.

•Sacrifice for the Gang – If you’re really into your gang, then you’ll have no problem with this one. As a gang member, you’re required not only to fight for the gang, but also sacrifice yourself if need be. We’re not talking about jihadist-type stuff where you blow yourself up. What it means is you’re required to take the fall if it will benefit the gang. If an important member, or even the gang boss is in a bind, then you’re required to step up and take the fall. For inmates who are with a gang, this isn’t a problem since they’re already in prison anyway. Sacrificing one’s self for the gang is the quickest way for a member to move up the ranks and improve their status and power within the gang. You will incur additional time in your sentence, but you’ll get the respect and power you deserve within your gang.

•Do not Steal From the Gang – If you’re a gang member, you’ll be privy to whatever resources the gang has at their disposal. Keep in mind that resources are already limited inside prison and gangs have exerted a lot of effort just to have those resources within their reach. If you go about and start stealing these things from them, how do you think they would react? Of course they’ll try to cut your nuts off or beat you to a pulp, just to teach you, and others how might try the same thing, a lesson. Gangs are all about showing strength. If they let their own member steal their own shit, that’ll be taken as a sign of weakness by the other gangs in prison. So if you’re really concerned about your safety as a gang member, do not steal from your gang or from other gangs.

•Respect Other Gang’s Territories – Prison gangs have claimed territories inside prison, just to make sure that each can go about their business without the other snooping around. One example is when gangs are in the yard. Each gang has their own area in the yard where they could hang out, work out, and even discuss sensitive matters such as the who, what, when, and where of taking out someone. The same goes for the prison bathrooms and cafeteria. Gangs have their own area where they eat, drink, take a piss, and take a bath. Intruding into another gang’s territory would be seen as an act of aggression and would definitely result in a full-blown prison riot.

•Fight Smart – If you’re a gang member, fights are immediately going to be a part of your life. You have to fight at some point regardless of whether you are the cause of it or not. Therefore, to ensure your survival in a fight, you have to train yourself on how to spot an attacker, how to take him down quickly, or how to put up a defense long enough so that your gang members can come to your aid. To be able to fight smart, you also have to train your mind and body. You have to make your mind and body strong by working out religiously.

There are still other things that you must keep in mind on how to survive in prison or jail as a gang member. However, following the points indicated above is a step towards survival and would definitely put you in good light with your gang. This is basically the best advice there is on how to survive in prison or jail as a gang member.

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