How to Survive in Prison or Jail if you are Indian

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Prisons were invented by lawmakers and peacekeepers as a disciplinary tool for people who have committed felonies, to help them become better individuals. Some incarcerated individuals get to stay in prison for just a few months, while there are those who spend years and even most of their lives inside jails. Prisons are relatively safe. There are rules and regulations that govern the behavior and code of conduct of inmates. Nevertheless, not all prisoners abide by these laws; thus, they always get into trouble with the guards and with fellow inmates.

In prisons across England and United States where majority of the incarcerated are either whites, blacks or Mexicans, the minorities are often treated with just a little less than contempt and hate. One such minority that is often at the receiving end of assaults and discrimination inside prisons are Indians.

Prisons, especially in the western areas of the world, are not a safe place for Indians. Like Asians, they belong to the minority group in prisons which are dominated by Blacks, Mexicans or Whites. How to survive in prison or jail if you are Indian then? Prisons in the Western world are relatively safe. That is if you follow the rules, don’t join gangs, don’t attract unnecessary attention on yourself, don’t act too weak, and know your stature inside prison walls, you will probably survive the ordeal.

However, there are inmates who do not need any heckling or instigation to dish out ridicule, harassment, and even assault. These types of inmates prey on those they think are not strong enough to fight them. That is why if you want to know how to survive in prison or jail if you are Indian, you should avoid going to places inside prison where you will likely be ambushed and assaulted. Stay in places where there are many inmates or where there are guards. It would also be good advice if you stay away from gangs. If you don’t want hassle, you should go with the older inmates who are laidback and who steer clear of trouble.

It would also be good advice if you eat well (no matter how unpalatable the food can be) and exercise your body as well as your mind, at every chance you get. You should develop a strong body and mind if you want to survive prison life, especially if you belong to a minority group. If you don’t know any self-defense moves, then it’s time to learn one. You can never know when it will come in handy inside prison. Besides, people are less likely to prey on you if they see you as not only physically strong but mentally alert as well.

In prisons, you are classified according to how others perceive you. The weak ones, and minority groups such as Asians, Indians and homosexuals occupy the lowest rung of this ladder. You cannot do anything about your race or sexual preference. However, you don’t want to aggravate the situation by being labeled as weak. Thus, you need to develop your strength and stamina. This is a more productive endeavor to spend your time in jail rather than gossiping, which could cost you your limb or life.

The general rule for every inmate in prison, if survival is their intention, is to adapt to their environment or die. This means that prison is not the place where you exert your influence. You have to obey rules, even those which are silently mumbled by the majority of inmates. You should respect everyone, even those who try to bully or hurt you. However, never ever show that you are weak or else they will prey on you. They will shred you to pieces if you show them that you don’t have a spine and that you are not someone to reckon with.

You would do well to strive to live below the radar of officers, staff and fellow inmates. Do not draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. You should bear in mind that a jutting nail always gets hammered. So try to blend in with the rest of the crowd and live quietly. Remember that you are in prison to pay for the crimes you have committed. You don’t want to extend your stay longer than necessary by attracting and getting into trouble.

Sometimes, the fate of a prisoner solely depends on the kind of attitude he manifests inside the prison walls. It has been repeatedly said that your attitude can break or un-break you. The way you view your situation and react to it, can define the type of existence you will lead inside prison. It will also determine your chances of surviving prison life. If you view life in prison like a grumpy child who had been grounded for following house rules, then you will likely have a hard time coping with your situation.

If you whine and complain about almost everything in prison, you will surely attract the attention of everyone. That, in itself is bad enough. Immature convicts have no place amidst hardened criminals. Whining is definitely a sign of weakness and immaturity which fellow prisoners and staff will likely have no patience for. If you want to survive prison life, accept responsibility for your actions and situation, then live with it like a real man.

Serve your jail sentence; ponder on your wrongdoings and what you could possibly do to deter you from committing such acts again. Stay out of anyone’s way and don’t delve your fingers into other’s cookie jars. No matter what race you are, you can still make a go for a clean living inside the prison walls as long as you abide by the rules. Nonetheless, if ever anyone seeks you out because you are Indian, try not to be emotional or confrontational about it. If you can, try to talk to the person alone, quietly.

Most people who seek out others for a fight do so in front of crowds for their own ego-tripping efforts. Try to reason with them quietly that you don’t want any trouble. If they will still persist despite your effort, you better steer clear of the person or the group he hangs out with, as much as you can. If you know how to get along with fellow inmates and guards, then there is no reason that you would not learn how to survive in prison or jail if you are Indian. Nevertheless, there are people who don’t need any reason to assault or harass you. Thus, no matter how much you follow rules and live quietly, someone could always harm you for no reason. When that happens, you should strive to defend yourself to the best of your ability.

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