How to Survive in Prison or Jail if you are White (Caucasian)?

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Prison can be rough. It’s pretty scary especially if it’s your first time stepping into one. So if you are White and will be staying in a prison, you must remember some things and learn how to survive in prison or jail if you are white (Caucasian).

There are different people staying in prison. This often results to discrimination and conflicts among prisoners. Most people separate into racial groups called gangs. You may think this is how to survive in prison or jail if you are white (Caucasian), but it could be dangerous being in one.

You must consider everything before taking a step into the gang world. When you are in a gang, expect to follow rules and commands. Some groups are just hateful and bullies that you will like to steer clear from them. Some gangs are serious and they will expect you to join them for life. If you are bent in joining a gang, then choose one who stuck together to avoid assault and disrespect. Stay away from those dangerous punks who seem to cause trouble everywhere.

You may be pressured or threatened to join a gang, but you can opt to not join any of them. If you choose to go solo, then you must be smart and learn how to defend yourself. To do this, you must educate yourself and keep your body healthy. Have the time to read books and enrich your mind. This will not only be helpful to you in prison, it will also help you when you are outside and finally free. Do routine workouts and eat right. This is a way to be tough and keep bullies away. Show them that you are not someone to mess with. Earn respect and respect them. This will make your prison life relatively peaceful.

Keep busy. Be productive by learning and working to earn money. If you have family to send you money then all the better. It will make prison life more comfortable. Do not do something stupid as taking drugs. Learn a new skillset instead. Obey rules and don’t get hostile to guards and your fellow prisoners. Always be polite and respectful, you will be treated like so in return.

Join any prison rehabilitation programs. If you’re not convicted of a serious crime, or even if you were, you should take advantage of the many programs in prison that will help you get back on your feet. These programs include livelihood training, anger management, and other useful courses. If the administrators of the correctional facility notices that you have been taking positive steps towards your recovery then the chances of your sentence getting cut back by a couple of years is not out of the question.
Try not to stand out too much. You will not get into trouble if you do not attract the wrong kind of people. There are many reasons why correctional facilities have standard issued uniforms for the prisoners, and one of them is so that no one will stand out from the rest. You need to blend with the rest of the prison population; the worst thing that you could do while you are “inside” is to make yourself an easy target.

Do not challenge the authorities. If you think challenging the ruling gang in the prison was bad, just try challenging the guards. Not only are prison guards heavily-armed (albeit with non-lethal weapons), they can also transfer you to maximum security, and that’s where the most violent inmates are. If you do not want to be bunkmates with a serial killer, do not test the patience of the authorities.

Keep to yourself. This does not mean being isolated. Just be careful who you talk and what you talk about. Do not share something that may offend other prisoners. Do not take anything without the owner’s permission, even if it’s just lying around. Do not sit on others’ bunks. Understand that people in prisons can be territorial and very controlling.

Do not trust anyone easily but note that having solid friends would be a great help. Do not readily believe in anyone who smiles and give you gifts. They could be planning something bad behind your back. However, it would be great if you look for a friend whom you can spend your prison days with. Having someone to share activities or to talk to will keep you sane. Support each other and be loyal.

Stick to your schedule. Prisons have strict schedules for the inmates. You have to wake up every day at the same time, you have to report to the mess hall for your meals, you also have to be in the exercise yard at certain times of the day. You have no say in this. You cannot sleep in, you cannot stay out of your cell too long, you cannot even take your time eating. You will need to learn how to adapt to your new environment. There will come a time when you won’t even know what day of the week it is because every day it’s the same routine. Do not even try to fight your predesignated routine; the sooner you adjust to your new life, the faster the days will seem to pass.

Don’t gamble. This activity will lead you to trouble. Chances are, you’ll owe someone and be indebted to him. Worse, you’ll end up being a slave to that person. Keep it light and just play without having bets. You will avoid getting stabbed in the back in the process.

These are just some common tips on how to survive in prison or jail if you are white (Caucasian). It’s already rough being in jail, and it will be even worse if you’re a white man in a prison where the majority of the inmates are either black, Hispanic, or some other race. You can adapt when you are inside and deal with things as they come. Stay strong and survive at all costs.

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