How to survive prison if you are a princess, prince or king

By | January 1, 2016
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Whether you are royalty or just someone who is used to extravagant living and with other people waiting on you to do your bidding, life in prison for you would probably not be easy. Of course, this is to say that there would be no special treatments of any kind to anyone in the prison where you will spend your sentence. So at this juncture, you are probably wondering how to survive prison if you are a princess, prince or king or of equivalent stature.

Individuals who have high profile will probably have a harder time absorbing the reality of their situation than ordinary citizens. Of course, when one is used to being at the helm of things and in control of so many people; being imprisoned and being subjected to rules and regulations can be quite hard to take in.If you want to survive in prison, you need to realize first some very important things.

Attitude is the key

You need to realize that if you want to know how to survive prison if you are a princess, prince or king, you need to have the right attitude. Your attitude can make a heaven out of the prison or vice versa.It depends on how you view your situation. Whether you are of royal blood or not, you need to realize that your stature outside the prison walls will not matter when you are serving a sentence for a crime you have done.

Do not make the mistake of treating your fellow inmates like your subject or servant for it will prove harmful to your well-being. While some may be intimidated by your position, majority will probably take it against you. You would fare better if you will treat everyone with respect and do things according to prison rules like any other convicts would. You need to realize that the earlier that you accept the reality of your situation, the better it would be for you in surviving your ordeal.

If you humble yourself, other inmates will probably admire and respect you for it, than acting as if you are still in the position to control everyone. Do not expect special treatment or pampering just because you are of royal blood. You are in prison because you have committed a crime and serving your sentence.Hence you must never forget the reason for your being in prison.

Abide by the rules

You must accept the fact that you are not in the position anymore to impose rules but rather to abide by the rules set forth by authorities. If you want to survive a life in prison you need to do exactly as you are told. Hence, you need to fall in line to obtain your meal and wait for your turn at thecommunal shower. You have to fend for yourself and not expect your fellow convicts to do things for you.

Choose whom to trust

One important thing that you have to learn if you want to know how to survive prison if you are a princess, prince or king is that you should not just trust anyone inside. When you are someone rich and influential outside, you might become the subject of devious acts of others who want to take advantage of your predicament.

Life in prison can be extra hard for royalties and famous people. However, no matter what your stature in life is, you will survive prison if you put your mind and heart to the endeavor.

Have the right perspective

Prison time is as depressing, hard, and humiliating as you make it. You can change your perspective to help you serve the entirety of your jail time with relative ease. If you keep denying your situation, prison life can be even more difficult. Accept your fate and try to see the good side of it. For instance, you make use of your jail time to recharge. See this as a good time to be away from the paparazzi and just hang loose. You can also make use of your jail time as a time to meditate and spend time with yourself. This can be an opportunity to look back on your life, see what you have done so far, and plan for what else you need or want to do after your sentence is over. This can also be your downtime to take stock of your life and see what else in life you can do.

Be productive

Your prison time does not have to be boring. You can use this as an opportunity to do some of the things you have always wanted to do. For example, because of your social status and all the hype of your fame, you haven’t found time to read. You can catch up on your reading while you spend time in prison. Ask the jail staff for any available reading materials. You can also ask your friends and family to bring you some of the reading materials you have always wanted to read.

Ask for any hobbies that the prison allows inmates to do. You can learn how to crochet, knit, or sew. When you get out, you can use this new knowledge to launch a book, a company, or any project that can add to your fame. In fact, the things you made while in prison can be sold for a really high price, you being famous and all.

Use prison time to your advantage

Since you are a member of the royal family, you can use your jail time as a turning point in your public image. Use this to promote advocacies. Your opinions are, in fact, more powerful while you are spending some jail time. Use this for good. You can also use this time to show the rest of the world you are also one of them and not some snotty, uppercrust type. This way, you can gain sympathy and even more followers. This may be bad publicity but your imprisonment does not necessarily have to besmirch your name.

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