How to Survive Prison in Russia and How do their Penal System Work?

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How to survive prison in Russia and how do their penal system work? Compared the penal system upheld by the US, the Russian penal system follows a tightly woven structure as it operates under centralized coordination. In recent years, the goals of Russia’s penal system have drastically changed. The country once relied on repression, but has soon shifted to crime prevention through education. Russia has also emphasized the importance of each individual’s duty in keeping peace and ordinance. If you’re wondering about how to survive prison in Russia and how do their penal system work, then this article can provide answers.

More information about the Russian Penal System

In 1917, the Russian militia (police) was established to prevent crime through citizen education, direct intervention, and other intelligence activities. In 1966, the militia was given the responsibility of supervising of offenders who have been recently released from various correctional institutions. Aside from the militia, the Peoples Volunteer Brigades, and the DRUZHINNIKS helped prevent crime.

Russia has divided its criminal investigation committee into two different stages: an informal inquest carried out by the militia, and a formal preliminary investigation performed by a legally-trained investigator assigned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The militia only investigates less serious cases and submits written reports directly to the courts without the need for formal preliminary investigation.

The courts also utilize non-professionals, like lay assessors, to make sure that the accused is judged fairly. Compared to the American court system, Russia’s court system is inquisitorial in nature. As the accused goes through the pre-trial and other trial procedures, his rights may be legally curtailed.

The Russian courts make use of different sentences, such as public censure and even death by shooting. The accused may also be deprived of liberty by compulsory labor or incarceration. The Russian government is attempting to come up with a diversionary sentencing system to help them curb the growing prison population and limit it to only the most notorious criminals.

Russia has about 760 penal institutions across the federal states of Russia. Russia has 8 prisons, 192 pre-trial facilities, and 62 juvenile facilities. The Black Dolphin prison is the most popular and also the scariest prison in Russia. It houses seven hundred of the most notorious criminals in the country including serial killers, child molesters, cannibals, and terrorists.

How to Survive Prison in Russia?

Being incarcerated in Russia is no laughing matter as the country is known for following an iron-fist penal system. Since the country is trying to reduce its prison population by only incarcerating notorious criminals, being in jail can be torture. If you find yourself in this situation, the most recommended thing to do would be to play by the Russian rules. Learn to respect their law and governance.

When inside prison, treat the staff and your fellow inmates with utmost respect. Do not get yourself associated with any gangs or organized associations. According to statistics, most deaths inside prison are caused by gang wars. It is advisable to stay independent or go with groups that do not incite war.

Always keep your health and mind in good shape. Tuberculosis is a growing concern in Russian prisons. Tuberculosis is a serious and infectious disease so you have to observe measures that will prevent you from contracting it. The illness can lead to spinal pain, joint damage, as well as kidney, liver, and heart complications. To prevent contracting tuberculosis in a Russian prison, you must avoid going near those who have it.

Russian prisons are known to be tough. In fact, the prison in Siberia is considered among the most suffocating places in the world. The prisons in Russia have a dark and primeval feeling. It is expected that any inmate will go through physical torture or other traumatizing experiences. Proper body and mental condition is needed. Stay away from vices like drugs and gambling. These can derail your opportunity of being pardoned or worse, you could get yourself killed.

Russian prisons are filled with the most cunning and heartless individuals in the world. It is filled with thieves, murderers, and even terrorists. So, it is important to choose your friends wisely. You have to choose mature-minded prisoners who follow the prison rules and mind their own business. Hang out with those who have productive activities and who are committed to rehabilitate themselves. You have to be independent but try your best not to walk or do things alone. You’ll attract offenders and bullies if you are alone. The “respect tactic” works everywhere even in cold and dark prisons.

Also, it is important not to get involved in prison gossip as this can get you in trouble. Avoiding gossips can potentially save your life.

Also, Russian prisons have great vocational programs such as welding, carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, and computer-aided design. They have faith-based prison programs. In fact, most prisons have Russian Orthodox chapels where prisoners could pray and worship.

The Russian penal system rewards prisoners who display good behavior, mainly by granting parole or conditional release. So, if you want to go out of the prison early, you have to follow the prison rules and regulation. You have to be diligent and do your duties well. Russian prisoners usually have specific tasks like mopping the floors, doing the laundry, and serving food to fellow prisoners.

Avoid gambling and other illegal activities and make the most out of your prison time by reading magazines, newspapers, and books. Also, be respectful to prison guards but do not get too close to them. Being too friendly with the guards can get you into trouble. Furthermore, try your best to keep your mouth shut and refrain from discussing your crime to other prisoners. By all means, refrain from discussing your religious and political views as this could lead to arguments. Do not enter other prisoners’ cell when you’re not invited. You could get killed for this.

Hopefully, the article answered your question on how to survive prison in Russia and how do their penal system work.

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