How to survive prison violence

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If you are newly incarcerated, you will probably have a hard time taking in all the changes and limitations on your actions inside the correctional facilities. Moreover, if you are not incline to aggression, you would hardly know how to survive prison violence. Nevertheless, your survival in prison depends largely on you; on your capacity to get along well with other inmates and stay away from trouble as much as you can.

Prison violence is something you neeed to prepare for. Trouble with the inmates will make your prison stay extremely difficult. You can’t get away from them if they decide to pick on you. Sometimes, prison violence can be survivable but some incidents can get really serious. Your life is in always in danger while in prison so you have to learn how to survive.

Choose whom you associate with

Violence is inherent in prisons, especially amongst the younger inmates. If you want to survive prison, it would be a good advice to choose your associates or “friends” when inside. You need to interact with people to get the lay of the land. The prison is a community with mostly unwritten rules. To stay out of triouble, you have to abide by these rules, and the best way to know these rules is to find someone who will tell you what the basics are. For example, you have to know who the troublemakers are before you get involved with them. You won’t find out with just a cursory glance at everyone. You need to know who’s who so you know whom to avoid.

It is also important to know the rules when it comes to spaces. It’s like finding out where the cool table is and where the jocks sit and the nerds’ table in the school cafeteria on your first day in school, only this time, the spaces matter a lot. You wouldn’t want to get beaten up on your first day in the prison cafeteria or in the grounds because you sat at the wrong table. Hostile inmates are a hundred times worse than school bullies. They can get you in real trouble, even place you in mortal danger if you cross their paths. In short, they can also make your stay in prison a lot worse.

You are better off associating with older convicts who might have their share of fighting in their younger days but have already realized the futility of it. You would fare better if you will associate yourself with people who keep mostly to themselves, attend some prison programs, and strictly adhere to the rules inside the prison.

The lesser associates you have, the better. On the other hand, not making friends at all is not also good since you need someone to tell you the ropes. While there are written rules by mnagement, there are also unwritten yet adhered to rules inside the prison. Your associates can help you understand these rules. It is important that you stay away from inmates who loves fighting and riots since they would expect you to join them.

Mind your own business

In prison, you will see and hear things but you should keep it to yourself, if you want to survive your prison ordeal. This means that you keep your mouth shut even if authorities will question you. You don’t want to be tagged a “snitch” for any reason when inside any correctional facility. Snitch are ranked amongst the likes of sexual offenders and child molesters in prison. Such group are placed in the lowest rank amongst inmates and is often the target of brutality and aggression.

You might have made some “friends” in prison but you should always look out for yourself first. You do not owe anyone anything and sticking your neck out for someone can cost you your life. It may even reduce your chances of getting out early on parole and moving on with your life outside of prison. Standing up for someone, for any reason at all, is frowned upon by most inmates. They won’t applaud you if you try to protect the weaker inmates. The prison is a brutal place and it is every man for himself. Do not meddle with other’s affairs because you do not have a clear idea of what is really going on. You may see someone getting beaten up, thinking the inmates are picking on that weakling. But that might turn to be untrue because that person may be notorious for being a snitch. It is always better to keep to yourself.

Knowing how to survive prison violence means you should try not to meddle with things that does not concern you. As ruthless as it may seem, you just need to inculcate in your mind that you are there to serve your sentence and you will be getting out after that.

Be respectful

You can stay away from violent behaviors and brutality if you adhere to the rules and regulations of the prison management. That also means respect for authorities and what they embody inside the facility. Never try to catch unwarranted attention to yourself by being a “toughie.” You may gain some fans for such rogue behavior but it would be like drawing aggression to yourself. Respect your fellow inmates. Even if others will try to instigate trouble with you, have the courage to walk away from them immediately.

Have the right attitude

Knowing how to survive prison violence means that you need to learn to have the right attitude. Having the right attitude means that you don’t come across as someone who is too tough and overbearing for you will be considered a threat by violence-lover inmates. You should strive not to appear too weak or lame too, lest others might be tempted to abuse you.

It is not easy to stay away from violence in jail since it is easier to throw a punch or fight back, when somebody hurts you. However,as long as you will keep the right perspective, you will be able to avoid violence in prison.

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