How to Survive the Boredom in Jail?

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Being in jail is an undesirable situation any person would not want to get into. Being in prison means no freedom to do whatever you like. It means that you cannot go out to watch a movie, you cannot play football with your friends, you cannot eat anything you like and you cannot even own the time.

Boredom is one of the reasons why being in jail is like living in Earthly hell. It is also proven that boredom can induce psychological disorders like depression and suicidal tendencies. That is why it is important to know how to survive boredom in jail.

Preparation Before Prison

If you need to serve some time in jail, it is important to be prepared. A person may ask for a magazine or book subscription so that he will have something to read when he becomes bored inside the cell.

He may also ask his relatives and friends to visit him once in a while.

He may also want to know the things that he can take with him in prison. Some correctional centers allow pen, paper and radio inside the jail. He may want to take advantage of that privilege.

How to Survive Boredom in Jail?

Once a new prisoner comes into the jail, his hellish life starts. He has to learn how to follow the rules and regulation in prison and get along with the other prisoners very well. He must also be aware of a few solutions on how to survive boredom in jail.

If a prisoner is creative enough, survival and avoiding boredom just a piece of cake. The following are some of the tips on how to deal with boredom in jail.

1. Use paper and pen

There are so many things a person can do with paper and pen or pencil. He can draw different things and write. He may even want to use these things to plan his life ahead, to draw his inmates and earn if he can, to write his own stories and much more.

2. Daydream

This is not recommended because this can induce depression if the thoughts are sad. However, if there’s really nothing else that can be done with a prisoner’s time, a little of daydreaming can help. Just dream of something happy.

3. Play board games

Compete with your inmates with chess. Choose a playmate who can accept defeat. Playing chess is not only a time killer, but it can also improve one’s strategic skills.

4. Read

One can ask his relatives to buy him a book or a magazine. It helps to broaden one’s horizon while being in jail.

5. Take advantage of the programs

There are different types of programs conducted for the well-being of the prisoners in every correctional center. These can be livelihood programs, educational programs and rehabilitative programs.

6. Clean the cell

It is the prisoner’s responsibility to clean his own cell. Think of it not just an obligation but also as a way to kill time.

Being in jail is never fun, but it is always important to remember that there is a way to combat every problem in life, like boredom. The easiest way to fight boredom during your incarceration is by constantly engaging both your mind and body in various activities. You have a lot of time to waste while you are in prison so you might as well make the most of that time and have a little fun with it.

Try a new sport

If possible, get out of your cell and participate in a sport or even in a simple card game or board game. However, with regards to any competitive game, it is best if you avoid those that involve money or gambling no matter how high the stakes may get. Join games for fun and socialization and avoid any dangerous situations at all costs.

Likewise, activities can keep both your mind and body preoccupied enough to keep you out of trouble. Even for a few moments, the minor distraction will keep your mind off any grudges or sad thoughts that you might have been nursing. That endorphin rush from a basketball game, brisk walk, or even just a few jumping jacks can only do wonders to boost your positive energy.

Keep your body fit

Aside from giving you something to focus on, exercise is also a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Though you might not be given access to any fancy machines, you will still be given the opportunity to engage in simple stretching, aerobics, and resistance training exercises while you are on prison grounds.

The exercises are a great way to keep boredom at bay while also helping you build up your strength. Though you might not want to engage in any fistfights while you are already in prison, you still need to constantly keep your guard up against any aggressive inmates. Hopefully, once they see how strong and fit you are, they will remember to keep their distance on their own. Nevertheless, when push comes to shove, you will also be able to defend yourself using your own strength.

Strengthen your mind

Being in prison is a highly stressful situation, and one way of coping with the large amount of stress is by reading and diving into another world. Most prisons will have a few magazines, newspapers, and books that you can borrow and read at your leisure. The written words will not only help you overcome your boredom, but they could also help you gain more knowledge. That knowledge could eventually come in handy if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. Likewise, you can apply that knowledge to the outside world once you gain back your freedom.

Keep communication lines open

Never lose touch with your loved ones and relatives no matter how long you stay in prison. Take advantage of those scheduled family visits and phone calls. If possible, request your visitors to bring you a pen and a notebook so that you can continue to send them letters when they are unable to visit. The simple act of writing a letter to your friends and loved one and receiving their replies will give you something that you can actually look forward to. Likewise, reading about their daily accomplishments and activities will motivate you to try your hardest to get your sentence reduced so that you can see them again.

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