Review of Street Fight Academy by Alex Lorenzo – Ebook PDF Download

While incarcerated there is a very high possibility that you will get into a fight. That’s because many inmates have the street mentality of “act now and ask questions later”. Furthermore some of them have mental issues which is furthermore fueled by drugs and alcohol addictions hence cluttering their judgements. Now the probability of a fight is not 100% guaranteed but nowadays the number of people being incarcerated has never been so high. The United Stated of America has the highest inmate population in the world so it is better to be safe than sorry. That is why I recommend that you learn how to street fight.

Street Fight Academy, an e-book written by Alex Lorenzo, is a good read for people who want to learn self-defense and hardcore street fighting. It anchors on the belief that one cannot be sure of the safety of the streets. It also assumes that being equipped with street fighting techniques will give a potential victim the advantage over the attacker.

The street thugs who follow no street fight academyethics and fighting rules to get what they want is likely to lose when confronted with someone ready to fight back. They will be met head on by someone with the same mentality for self-preservation. This e-book is a program which contains different courses that prepare the reader, mentally and physically, to defend the self and control a violent street situation. Its target readers are beginners and experts alike.

Alex Lorenzo, a street combat expert having over 10 years of experience in his field, teaches his readers a unique way of fighting on the street. He has years of combat training experience under the military special forces. He also has three black belts under his name.

In addition to the formal training, his claim as an expert in street fighting comes from real life run-ins as a high-profile bodyguard. By reading his book, one will surely learn things that are not usually taught in martial arts schools. His style is a combination of various fighting techniques suitable for street combat. Surely, with the author’s combat training and fighter experience, he is highly credible as a mentor in the field of street fighting.

Street Fight Academy includes various real life threatening scenarios which could happen to anyone anywhere. Each scenario contains step-by-step methods on how to knock down attackers as quickly as possible. One edge this e-book has is the pre-fight guide in each scenario which prepares a person intelligently by studying the attacker and the situation before making the first move. In addition, it teaches the reader mentally by developing mental triggers that signals when to make a move.

The pre-fight condition moves on to a simple and easy-to-understand method on how to learn and read opponents’ moves, how to do hand-to-hand combat, grappling, and ground combat. One can learn lethal moves by reading this book, moves which are not typically learned in formal martial arts schools.

Techniques that readers can acquire include instantly stunning and knocking out opponents. Contrary to highly disciplined martial arts training, this book teaches you how to fight without rules. Brutal as it may seem, but in the streets, attackers fight without boundaries; hence, if there is no other way to protect yourself but to fight, you must fight without hesitation.

This e-book provides tips on how to escape from your attacker in tight situations. An example is when you find yourself pinned or in a tight fix. Techniques such as stunning which allows you to move away and prepare for a counter strike will be covered.

More effective tips like neutralizing your opponent while you are on the ground, breaking the nose, and tearing the flesh like with a sharp instrument are designed for more advanced practitioners. But they will be included in the package as well. One other effective strategy is cutting off the blood circulation to the brain which leaves your attacker struggling. These tips put the opponent at a disadvantage, giving you time to strategize for your next move.

At this point, you might be intimidated by all the heavy talk on street fighting. However, the book’s claim to simplicity and easy to understand steps show that the techniques and street fight strategies specified are doable. You can schedule your own practice and gain mastery of the moves at home, at no cost, and at your convenient time.

This book stresses that size is not the major indicator of winning in a fight. It shows the reader that being a small person can put a bigger opponent into a disadvantaged position. Lorenzo emphasizes that one who is small can still gain control of the situation through the key elements of winning.

They are speed, strength, and endurance. With a combination of these three, no matter what the size of your opponent is, you can surely win the fight. Learning these three elements will surely leave your opponents highly injured keeping yourself safe.

In defending the self, the outcome is uncertain particularly when the objective is self-preservation and survival. In the process of defending yourself, the opponent could get injured and would need hospitalization.

Despite the lethal moves that this book teaches you, it also contains information on how you can also rid yourself of legal problems or going to the hospital. One can expect to learn brutal moves which can potentially kill opponents. It also contains information on how not to totally kill your enemy to prevent trouble.

Although the book conditions its readers’ mind on how to fight back during real street fights, it also reminds them that the sole purpose of the book is for self-defense and not for killing.

One good thing about that book is it comes with a package of other books about Boxing, Jujitsu, and Muay Thai. Despite the authors’ view on disregarding rules in street fights, he thinks that learning the basics in Boxing, Jujitsu, and Muay Thai are crucial for any kind of fight.

He claims that one can learn the most effective fighting techniques from these forms of martial arts. These books are for free when you purchase a copy of Street Fight Academy.

With the mastery of the strategies provided for in the book, both in mental preparation and physical engagement, you no longer have to fear walking the streets at anytime or anywhere.

Further, this book helps readers become a protector and not the victims of street oppressors. The readers become confident that when walking the streets with the loved ones, they are able to protect them and keep them safe. An added advantage is that the book will surely help you save a great deal of money from enrolling in defense classes whose rules apply controlled fights.

The program is comprehensive, easy to follow and easy to understand. Ultimately paramount in the teachings of the author for street fighting techniques is your safety. With the streets full of a different mix of people and with a high chance of encountering threatening situations where no rules apply for street fights, it is best that one is knowledgeable with the means to protect and defend one’s self.