Review of Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning MASTER MANUAL by Eric Wong

MMA Strength and Conditioning MASTER MANUALIn many correctional facilities many inmates have nothing to lose and want to make their lives as easy as possible by praying on the weak. Weak inmates are labeled as “fish” or “food”. Just like in the streets some inmates will test you to find out if you are their next slave candidate. A good way to be a man and stand for yourself is to defend yourself in this type of situation. Now these inmates may have been incarcerated for a while and since they had a lot of times in their hands they’ve certainly utilized most of this time lifting weights and staying fit. So to give yourself a chance to be able to step to them in case of extortion you need to become fit and somewhat at their level.

Mixed Martial Arts is growing in popularity these days, and many people are trying this sport for different reasons – to become a fighter or to have a fighter’s physique. However, in the frenzy of getting on the bandwagon, many sports aspirants hold misconceptions about MMA, particularly on nutrition and conditioning.

Further, while the zeal is impressive, the choice of coach become indiscriminate adding to the confusion about MMA. The choice of a trainer is important for health and the achievement of the goal. It was in the hope of correcting the misconceptions and providing a scientifically backed MMA training program that Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Master Manual came about.

The ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Master Manual is an updated program on strength and conditioning techniques for MMA fighters. The first book with the same title came out on 2008 and this updated version published on 2012. The updates included in this e-book came from Eric Wong’s experience working as a coach for MMA fighters for UFC competitions.

He also coaches MMA fighter aspirants in clubs, towns, and schools. It is through his coaching experiences that the idea of coming up with this updated version of his book was born. What gives added credence to Eric Wong’s expertise as MMA trainer is that he is a certified kinesiologist by the Ontario Kinesiology Association and a certified strength and conditioning specialist by NSCA.

In this e-book, Eric Wong connects the basic human anatomy, the central nervous system, and the energy systems to movement, thereby explaining why this program is necessary and what would make the training successful for the readers’ purposes. The simple exercises and the step-by-step training make this a perfect book for people who want to train like an MMA fighter or those who want a fighter-like physique. Further, the author incorporated new workout protocols for warm ups to achieve the best possible workout.

The program focuses not only on training its readers for fitness like an MMA fighter. It develops their confidence, motivates the aspiring fighter to go far with the training, and increases the pace and the will to pursue the goal of becoming an MMA fighter.

It is not focused on body building and dieting but considers them as the by-product of a good physical strength and conditioning. It also explains the science behind developing physical condition and an easy-to-follow guide on MMA strength and conditioning training. This is what makes this manual unique.

It aims to develop its readers’ overall strength, power, and speed which are also the three key concepts in this book. These three concepts complement and build on each other. MMA is a weight class sport and the strength training, therefore, is specific to maintaining a certain weight.

The program also helps to develop an athlete’s strength, power, and endurance. Strength exercises provided for in the book are appropriate for this sport such as the different weightlifting exercises, to mention a few described in the book.

The author views power training as generating power with speed. To acquire the readers’ peak power involves a synergistic functioning of all exercises required, including rest periods. Speed, however, shows when there is least external resistance.

Speed training is somewhat the same as the power training; the difference in speed training is that the fighter uses the minimal resistance. Speed exercises gear towards agility and quickness, therefore training the foot speed, movement in the cage, and quick and powerful punches.

The reader can get rich information from the book and a lot more of exercises that can lead towards the achievement of the readers’ goal of functional fitness. Further, the readers can choose how long they want to take the program. The options range from 8 to 16 weeks.

The manual provides comprehensive information on how to improve strength and body condition. During the training you will just spending about two days in a week. That basically makes it a perfect program of choice for those who have busy schedules.

Eric Wong, a UFC trainer with several years of experience in his field, believes that relying too much on the typical MMA exercise routine is not always effective. He stresses that using intervals in training is the most effective way to condition the body for MMA, maximizing rest periods.

During the training process, those who try the program can observe their physique transforming into that of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Needless to say, one can greatly benefit from this program in terms of health and physical attractiveness.

In addition, it contains videos showing different exercise technique which is the author’s key principle in developing strength and conditioning. The video demonstrates how each exercise illustrated in the book is done the right way.

Further, it shows the kinds of strength, the right cardio exercise and its benefits, and program periodization. It differentiates MMA strength from bodybuilding strength. For cardio, Wong highlights how strength and cardio conditioning are interrelated. And lastly, he stresses how intervals or rest periods in exercises are truly effective for one to have good physical condition for MMA.

What makes the MMA Strength and Conditioning Master Manual a good read is that it is easy-to-follow and comprehensive. On top of that, the program is convenient to do and is very flexible. It also contains information on what equipment one must have to conduct his program.

Should you want to have a physique like that of an MMA fighter, the program that Eric Wong offers is a good match for you. It is suitable not only for athletes but for beginners as well. In addition, the reader can continue to use the program over the years without hitting a plateau.

Big sports celebrities in the field who followed Eric’s style and earned success are Claude Patrick, Chad Leonhard, Rocci Williams, Subaig Singh and many more. Indeed, Eric Wong also offers good value by assuring his manual’s users a money back guarantee in case they do not succeed in achieving their fitness goals.

Before you get caught in the zeal of becoming a mixed martial artist and before beginning the training program detailed in this book, caution is sensible. You should not treat the information contained in the training as a substitute for medical advice and counseling. You should also consult your doctor in case you have any health concerns.

It is best to consult with a physician and check if you are physically fit and healthy to undertake and endure the exercises required. However, with an excellent health condition and the right use of the manual, the training exercises will enhance your strength, power, flexibility, speed, and overall fitness.

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