So how did Lil Wayne survive in jail?


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The platinum selling artist known as Lil Wayne, whose full name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. in real life, is an American rapper who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is 33 years old. Before he was dubbed as The Best Rapper Alive, President Carter, Rapper Eater, Nino Brown, Tune, Tunechi Lioness, Dr. Carter, Gangsta D, Shrimp Daddy, Wizzle, Weez F Baby etc., he was a part of a hip-hop group called Hoy Boys. With this group, he was able to release three albums.

Young Money Entertainment, a record label company, was founded by him. This company was able to release 10 solo studio albums to date. There are various other sources where he generates his income from, such as his clothing line TRUKFIT, the Tunechi Beats, Bogey Cigars (his own flavored cigarillos), a French watch brand called Wize & Ope, and lastly, his own shoe line SUPRA. His stellar performances, however, have been marred by his stay in prison.

In March 2010, he began facing his 8-month jail sentence in New York due to illegal gun possession. All of this started from the 2007 incident when Manhattan police raided the tour bus of Wayne after smelling marijuana. A bag which contained a .40 caliber semi-automatic gun was seen by the police as Tune tried to get rid of it. If he had been found guilty of that, the police officer said, he would have faced a three-and-a-half-year jail imprisonment.

According to a New York City Department of Corrections officer, inmate Carter would be in a general population/escort category of housing. In this kind of housing, he will have a captain escorting him every time he goes out of the cell.

How did Lil Wayne survive jail? According to Tune’s official blog, Weezy Thanx You, he described how he survived prison in Rikers Island. Usually, he woke up around 11:00 am, had some coffee, called his kids and wonderful mother, read a book, read the Bible, and exercised. Life went on as he stated. He planned to keep working while in prison. This clearly showed that Lil Wayne did his routine even while in prison. He didn’t sulk. Instead, he spent his time doing worthwhile things.

Reading books and the Bible is one of the usual activities inmates do in their cells. This distracts the mind and sharpens it. Because there is rarely anything else to do, your focus is spent on the text. This is the perfect time to catch up on books that you couldn’t read outside of prison (although you don’t have to be in jail to fully realize this). The Bible is also a great source of inspiration for inmates. If you are left alone in the cell and the other inmates aren’t making any noise, you can use this period to spend quality time with God. The verses will help clear your mind and cleanse your soul. In this moment of quiet, you can strengthen your spirituality.

Lil Wayne had his own cell. If he wanted to spend time in a television room, he had the option to be with 17 inmates who had been separated due to their notoriety. Everyone in prison is treated equally. Lil Wayne is a celebrity in his own right, but in prison he was very much like everyone else.
Being rich and famous helped him survive as well. In some reports, the rapper was said to receive the VIP treatment when it came to his food, which came from Jackson Hole restaurant and a nearby pizzeria. In addition, he also had his visitation time extended. This might seem unfair to some prisoners, but in all fairness to Lil Wayne, he did what he was asked in prison. He was polite to everybody, careful not to disrespect fellow inmates, no matter how famous he is, and no matter how different their social statuses are.

The rapper wrote in his blog that having friends inside jail helped him a lot. He learned plenty and his best lesson was to not return in prison again. In addition, he reiterated that prison is no place for anybody. Prison life is tough and surely no one deserves it. But it is a good thing to learn from your mistakes and to not repeat them. Prison, in some way, is a good place to realize what you have done wrong. Even if some periods in prison seem like torture, and some prison guards could make life hellish for you, you can still learn from it. Jail sentence gives you the time to be who you are, to repent for what you have done, and to think about what you’ll do once you’re out of prison.

Fans who waited for Lil Wayne to be free gave him love and acceptance. His family and friends also welcomed him with open arms. The truth is, being jailed is an enriching experience, though in an unconventional way. Other inmates would have experienced worse. Nevertheless, jail is your wake-up call. The next step is to accept what happened to you, and to push yourself forward. This is not your final destination. The world is waiting out there, just like what it did to Lil Wayne. Your family and friends are waiting for your release, and until such time, make them proud by bidding your time and being productive in prison.

Seek love from yourself. When you accept and love yourself, then your confidence will grow. Then you will be able to surpass everything. Prison should be a place for growth, not depression; realization, not destruction.

When you get out of jail, make it a point to change your ways. Don’t let your “lessons” just dissipate into air. This is the perfect time to prove yourself to people, to make amends for your old ways, and to tell people you have already paid for whatever wrongs you did. No one likes to be in jail, and everyone would agree on this: No one would like to stay there forever. While you’re at it, it’s best to direct your energy to your survival, just like what Lil Wayne did.

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