Tips on how to survive in a Louisiana Department of Correction

By | March 2, 2016
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People who violate the laws pay for their crimes in a correctional for the duration of their sentence. It’s no joke that prisons are really dangerous places; therefore they are the last place anybody would like to stay. It is a place where peace and comfort are almost impossible. After all, prison is a place for retribution, not for a vacation.

Further, peace is elusive in a place where inmates are on constant alert for potential trouble. Many prisoners have lost their lives and dreams in prison. This is one of the reasons why surviving in prison is a challenge. The inmates who have lost hope and stopped to dream tend to make other prisoners miserable. However, you can serve your time without violent incidents if you know how to survive in a Louisiana Department of Correction facility and follow these simple tips.

Practical Tip #1

The first tip is to avoid getting tattoos. Getting tattoos inside the prison house has somehow become a tradition and a symbol. Tattoos give inmates a tough look, so they get as many tattoos as they can. Prisoners acquire their tattoo free while others offer their services in exchange for food, alcohol, cigars or even favors or services.

You do not need a tattoo or join a gang to survive in prison. You may have the mistaken belief that having a tattoo indicates membership to a particular gang in prison for protection.

Belonging to a particular gang is dangerous since the tattoo marks you and may involve you in prison gang fights, should there be one. Getting involved in a gang war inside the prison endangers your chances of getting a parole and could extend your sentence.

In addition, there are dangers to your health in getting a tattoo. The needles, ink and equipment used for a tattoo may not be clean and safe. Having a tattoo may cause diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.

Nobody can tell if the last prisoner who got a tattoo has AIDS or other venereal diseases which can be transmitted through needles. It is therefore not worth anything to have a tattoo, especially if this means your health and safety. Refusing to have a tattoo in spite of the other inmates’ insistence is one guide on how to survive in a Louisiana Department of Correction facility.

Practical Tip #2

The second tip is to stay positive. How to survive in a Louisiana Department of Correction facility needs a positive outlook if you are to serve your sentence and endure the environment inside the correctional. You need to focus on one objective, which is to survive so that you can have a brighter life with your family after you have served your sentence.

Focus on happy thoughts such as being with your family and friends again. Bear in mind that your life in prison is not the end for you and you can still be with your family. But to do so, you have to avoid getting into trouble that can prolong your sentence. Avoiding trouble is not cowardice but being shrewd.

You must also stay safe, clean, and healthy. Health inside a prison is imperative. Anyone with poor health is prone to depression and frustration that can at times become fatal.

On the other hand, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Therefore, you need to be physically fit. It will help you have a positive outlook, in spite of your present condition.

Schedule a regular daily exercise in the yard. Take advantage of any exercise equipment that is made available for inmates. You can even do pushups and other plyometric exercises in your cell. Note that not all correctional facilities have a gym with physical fitness facilities. Spend time at the gym to let out stress and frustration – it will make you healthier too.

You cannot expect healthy food in the correctional. However, you need healthy diet to stay fit. Drink plenty of water. Ask for money from your family members that you can spend for food in the prison cafeteria or canteen.

Avoid getting involved with illegal activities, such as gambling and drugs. These lead eventually to violence, therefore, the risk that you will put yourself in trouble with gangs or the prison officers. The result of which is either the prison hospital or in an isolation cell for you. Further, most likely your stay in the prison extends than the original sentence. To avoid getting involved with gambling and drugs, stay away from the general population.

Practical Tip #3

The third tip is to join programs. Prisoners who want to survive prison may also participate in various programs offered inside the correctional. These programs aim to prepare the inmates for a successful reentry into the community. Participating in programs has the added advantage of keeping you busy and out of trouble with other inmates.

You may choose to participate in a charitable program the correctional has in partnership with the community. The community sends the prison materials for inmates to use in making toys, scarves, and blankets for orphans and abandoned children. Joining this program gives the prisoners a feeling of satisfaction knowing what they do is for a great cause and that their efforts benefit the less privileged in their community.

Vocational and Educational programs are also offered to prisoners who want to have a brighter future after they are released. Assess what skills you have and check vocational training courses offered in prison. Choose one you prefer and register for the course.

Or, you may want to increase your knowledge which is to your advantage after you have served your time and needs to look for employment. Check for the academic courses offered in the correctional and what requirements are needed for you to register. You may need to undergo screening tests to be eligible for these programs.

With preparation and confidence, there is nothing that will not qualify you for your chosen course. Further, these programs usually issue a certificate of completion at the end of the course. These certificates can help you land a job once you are out of prison.

There are employers who are willing to employ released inmates and give them a chance to change, be productive. A certificate offers the edge for your employment.

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